Wow, Have you seen these?

I was looking around at different knitting websites and found these needles. They look nice but wow, they are pricey. Has anyone seen them before? Felt them? Own them?

I have one set of these needles, they were a birthday gift. They are nice since you can make them according to your preferences. Mine have stilletto tips so that I can work with finer yarns making lace. That was the purpose of purchasing them. I keep different sizes on my wish list so whenever the DH wants to get me something for a gift, these are a sure thing. I’m waiting for size 4 double points since that’s the size I seem to use the most. Last I checked they were pending sale. Now that you’ve brought it up I will have to check the site out, again, and add to my wish list.

I have seen them and they are beautiful! Don’t have any of them though (yet!).

I saw them at stitches east this year… tried them and :shrug: they were nice, but i’ll stick with my sets of denise needles.

Hi! :waving:

Thanks for posting this! They look really yummie! Something tells me I’m going to have to try a pair at some point. Although I wouldn’t trade my Knit Picks Options for all the world, these look like a great “extra”!

Isn’t it AMAZING how technological advances have enhanced the art of knittting? And even more amazing, when you look at some of the old Fisherman’s and Aran knits, what beauty was created before circs were even invented!!!

I guess we’re a traditional, tough but forward-looking bunch! Yay, knitters! :clink:


Holy—!!! :noway:

With the way I am at losing knitting needles…I don’t think I’d want to risk it. They do seem really nice, but my idea of expensive needles is Addi Turbos. :slight_smile:

They do look really nice though, especially for lace knitting. But really, what makes them truly stand out, for those of you who have them/have used them? How are they different from Addis or other metal needles?

I was wondering the same thing. They look nice, but it looks like they are only available in straights. I haven’t used a pair of straight needles since I got my circulars! :shrug:

I was wondering if they were lined in gold. They are beautiful but too expensive for me.

Even more amazing when you realize that those were done on needles that were essentially pieces of sharpened wire.

I’m a bargain hunter and that, my friend, is [B]not[/B] a bargain knitting find! I think I’ll stick with my KP Options. Maybe not as beautiful, but really… shouldn’t I be looking at my WORK, not the needles? :lol:

Hi, Vicky! :waving:

Boy, did your post start something! :slight_smile:

Right after I read it I mentioned to my husband that I now had something new to budget into my knitting wish list. He was afraid to ask what, but I told him anyway! Well, evidently I’m on the “Nice” side of Santa’s list this year (still don’t know how THAT happened! :roflhard: ) so he said what the heck, order a pair if you think you’ll like them that much! :woohoo:

So I did! Now, I don’t expect ANYTHING will ever take the place of my Knit Picks Options, they’re awesome, but it’ll be fun to have one pair of these to check out!

I’ll let you know how they are as soon as I get them!

Thanks for the heads up, and I hope your holidays are wonderful!

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :knitting: