Wow, fastest shipping *ever*

I ordered a swift from Joann on Wednesday afternoon…this morning I got th ee-mail notice that it had shipped…as I was reading \it, I heard a thunk outside my door, and there it was!!!




Dont you love it? that’s how it usually is when I order form Old Navy and Knitpicks, but it helps that I live 20 mins away from both shipping plants…lol

That’s awesome! I’m still waiting for Joann to process my order from the other day. :frowning: But I know once they actually process it, it’ll be here in no time. :cheering:

Oh, I’m so jealous. All my Joann orders take about a week and a half. If I use the expedited shipping, I can order on Monday and get it on Friday. That’s what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere, I guess!

:smiley: That’s so cool, have fun :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: When I ordered from Joann they lost the order and had shipping difficulties and it finally arrived in 2 mos; at least it showed up, right :wink:

I’ve heard so many horror stories about JoAnn and shipping, I was so shocked :shock:

I just set it up and it’s beautiful!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I haven’t received my KnitPicks order yet. I ordered last week on like weds or thurs. I can’t wait! My Joann’s stuff often takes awhile to process, but once they ship it out, it gets here in no time!

My last order from Joann was shipped quickly, too. The order previous to that took a little longer…about a week. Just placed another order this week. Maybe I should check my front door step since we seldom use the front door coming and going.

I have noticed Joanns is getting faster for me. It used to take 10 days, but the last order was only 5 total - much more reasonable.

Hope you like your swift!

AWWW, Jul… what happened to your[size=1] “ghetto”[/size] swift??

LOL…after borrowing my improvised swift for a few days, my MIL suggested that we go in together and get a real one. :wink: