Woven/basket weave stitch

I’m looking for a stitch that looks like a very tight basket weave. Like worked over two twisted stitches (I know a twisted stitch is involved I remember it being in the cable section of my book, but it’s a fabric not a cable. I’ve tried working it from memory, but not getting it right) not the traditional basket weave pattern. I’ve got a book that has the stitch pattern in it; however, we just relocated from one state to another. All our stuff is packed. Hopefully, if Wells Fargo get their bleepity bleep bleep bleep together, we’ll be moved in by the 11th. Just don’t wanna wait that long to finish my bag :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile: Gonna keep googling.


Alternatively if someone knows a firm stitch other than linen, half linen, or woven I’m game. Looking for something different.

Would it be the herringbone stitch? Knit 2 tog, leave on needle and work into first stitch again, repeat. Then on the WS p2tog, and purl into first st again and repeat across. This makes a very firm dense fabric, great for a bag.

Here’s a picture, and a video.

Nah, tho that [I]is[/I] a lovely patter. It sorta looks like those old pot holders some of us made on aluminum looms when we were kids. I’m having the worst time trying to find it via google. Guess I’ll have to wait. Wanted to make another market bag using that pattern for the whole bag. It’s very firm and quite pretty.

OH! I sorta found it! http://knitfrogrepeat.wordpress.com/2009/01/25/first-fo-of-2009/ tho the one I wanted doesn’t use so many sts. Closer!

Think I can modify it to C2F and get the look I was after. Gonna go play. TYVM for the reply :slight_smile:

Okay yeah, I’ve seen something like that… You could do it with 2 sts instead of 4. Look up Left twist and Right Twist sts; they’re where you knit into the 2nd st first, then into the first stitch. The left and right twist would be whether you knit from the back or the front of the stitch. This pattern explains the c2f/c2b sts too and is a little more woven looking.

Here’s another linkI found for a woven cable pattern, there’s 2 st ones as well as 4 stitch cables.

Yeah, the pattern I have packed up uses twisted sts instead of the cable front/back. Easier, but this’ll work for now too. Got the 2 sts front/back working awesome.

That link takes me back to this page :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL I actually have that first pattern bookmarked already. Getting closer. It’s not quite the same.

Which link? They look right to me.

This one should automatically open adobe and the pdf