Would you reccomend Vanna's Choice yarn?

Because I don’t live near any yarn stores and even Walmart has let me down on this point (they have a very tiny selection at my Walmart) I have to order my yarn online. I was wondering what you thought of Vanna’s Choice? I will be using it to make toys. Do you like it? Is it soft and does it stay together well and all that? I reallllyyyy appriecate the help. Or how about Patons yarn, particularly Patons Divine Yarn? Thanks so much in advance.

I think it would be fine for toys. Toys are generally knit at a tighter gauge so the stuffing doesn’t show so they would stay together fine.

I don’t know about the other yarn, but some other not too expensive yarns that are good for toys might be Caron Simply Soft, Bernat Satin, Lion Brand Wool-Ease, or even Red Heart Super Saver. I find the latter hard to knit, but I have sensitive skin.

Really any washable, worsted weight yarn (unless pattern calls for another weight) would be fine for a toy IMO>

I don’t care for Red Heart super saver because it’s just too course for me. I don’t like the way it feels when I knit with it. The Red Heart soft is nice, though and similar to Simply Soft. I don’t care for Wool-ease because although the colors are nice and it’s fairly inexpensive, it doesn’t hold up well, at least not in my experience. I made a patchwork blanket out of it, and some of the squares started pilling before I even finished knitting them.

I haven’t knit with Vanna’s Choice, but I’ve fondled it in the craft store, and it’s pretty soft for acrylic. I just started making a sweater with Bernat Satin, and I like it. It’s pretty soft.

I used Vanna’s Choice in a scarf and in a hat - It worked up fine. Easy to use and wasn’t rough like Red Heart. I’ve also used Red Heart Soft and enjoyed working with that as well. I would use Vanna’s Choice for toys - easy care, inexpensive, knits up fine.

I’ve made a few toys with Vanna’s Choice and I didn’t like the results but they were crocheted, not knitted. Since knitting is tighter, I would think it would be better knitted. Vanna’s is a very soft acrylic. I actually do prefer Red Heart Super Saver for toys (crocheted). It’s a very stiff yarn but that’s generally what I’m looking for.

I really don’t care for Red Heart because of the courseness like others have said.

I do like Vanna’s Choice…BUT it tends to pill a lot so I’m not sure if that’s the best choice of yarn if it’s for a baby.

Maybe pill isn’t the right word…the rows under my working row gets little puffs of yarn and it happens a lot.

Most acrylics pill in my experience. I have a scrap afghan I crocheted out of about four different brands of acrylic, and it’s pilled a bit. But a sweater stonewill usually get rid of the pills. (I like them much better than shavers.)

Knitting at the tight gauge used for toys might mean less pilling, though.

I knit a baby sweater of the Vannas Choice (not the baby yarn). Haven’t quite finished it yet, but it’s soft enough and ok to work with. Have not washed yet of course, so don’t know about the pilling.

kidlets–Just wondering. Did the puffing happen before or after you washed it.

Thanks to you all! I appriecate the answers and the advice. I decided to go with Bernat’s Satin. We will see if I made the right choice. I have very sensetive skin, and can’t handle any courseness in yarns at all. It’s really annoying, but there it is. I will post what happens!

i havnt used vannas choice,but i have squeezed it,
it is soft and a lot like sport yarn.
nice for toys but i think not for scarfs sweaters etc:knitting:

I am knitting a baby sweater with Bernat Satin right now. So far I’ve found that it is pretty soft and holds up well to frogging (don’t ask me how I know that.) It is also really tough. Most yarns I can break by just pulling on it hard. Can’t do it with this stuff!

Have fun!

I use it a lot it’s nothinh like redheart it’s a lot softer. I wouldn’t make hats with it. I made a few, and when I wore it on a cold night I was freezing cold.

I have found that 100% acrylic hats and scarves don’t keep me very warm. Wool/acrylic blends are good though.

Before. I don’t know what happened with it after it was washed. It was a gift.

Recently, I ordered this yarn although I don’t usually work with acrylic
fibers. I sent it back because the color wasn’t close to how it looked online. I also didn’t like the texture. Lion’s Brand charged twice the amount ($9) for handling and postage (and it took a long time to get here) than Knit Picks or Jimmy Beans or other companies do. I paid $10 to mail it back so the whole experience cost nearly $20.

I’ve had good experiences with KnitPicks yarn. They’re natural fibers, good, deep colors, and it’s very affordable because they have their yarn made for them and don’t have a middle party’s costs to pass on. The shipping costs are also reasonable.