Would you knit a scarf with Noro?

I got my Noro wool today, and it is SOOOo beautiful… but I have to admit that it is not the softest yarn in the world.

Has anyone ever knit a scarf or other close-to-sensitive-skin stuff with it? If so did it work out OK?

Or would I be making something beautiful but uncomfortable?

Any advice?

I love Noro, and it’s soooo beautiful… but I’m not sure I’d make anything that goes next to the skin with it again. The ski hat I made last year looks great, but I was constantly scratching and rubbing my forehead from the yarn. The scarf did the same thing. It’s great for sweaters, vests, felting, etc.

nope - its itchy.

I just got some noro Kureyon to make the booga bag, it is quite rough. Do you know if all of noro yarns are like that?

I’m so tempted to buy the silk garden to make a sweater with, any suggestions?

kureyon = itch fest

Wow. Youse guys are hard on the ol’ Kureyon! I have bunches of long soft scarves that I made but for some strange reason, I made in the beginning a short little scarf out of Kureyon No 95 I think, the pretty pink/green one and I swear, I wear that thing almost every day. It’s only one skein I think, maybe two, really short but I absolutely love it. It’s jus the right amount of warmth (when it’s not zero degrees out) and it’s never scratched me.
or was itchy. Maybe it got soft with wearing but its my FAVORITE FAVORITE SCARF! Really! :heart:

My very limited experience with this yarn is that it is very uncomfortable to wear next to the skin. I swore I would never use it again, albeit it is pretty but not practical…in my humble opinion.

I like Noro scarves

I think Silk Garden would be softer, but I’ve never used either. Which kind of Noro did you get? I suppose it depends on your skin sensitivity too. :wink:

Noro and Manos both get softer as you wear them. I have a scarf made of Manos, and it was pretty itchy when I first wore it. I would only wear it over turtlenecks. It’s super soft now, though. Maybe as you wear it, and your body oils get on it, it softens up?