Would you frog it?

I making my first ever sweater. I’m about 25 rows in on the back and I just noticed that I seem to have twisted a bunch of stitches about 6 rows back where I had to rip it out earlier because I had picked up a couple extra stitches. I know I probably should go back but will it really be noticable in the end? I’m not too experienced with the ripping out which led to this problem to begin with but I guess I need to practice it.

Here’s my litmus test when deciding whether to frog: Will I wear it looking the way it looks now? If not :frog:

I frogged 8 inches of tank top this morning. I could have frogged only 6" if I had been honest with myself earlier :oops:

If it’s in a large flat area like the back or in stockinette I would probably frog it. Mistakes don’t show in some patterns too easily, but they scream out in stockinette usually.

I also agree that if it’s going to bother you at all and you keep going back to it, just frog it and consider it lesson learned. BTW…if you had frogged before you may have picked up the stitches wrong and that might be why they are twisted. If you encounter a twisted one you can knit into the back of it to fix it. Amy has a video.

If it’s only 6 rows back, you might be able to just undo them a stitch at a
time. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you could always frog the whole 6 rows. If it really isn’t noticeable though, I wouldn’t worry about it.