Would it work?

I’m knitting a sweater for my 4 yo dd–it’s knitted in the round from the neck down. Now that I’m a few inches into the sweater, I can see that on one side where I’ve been slipping a stitch marker to indicate where a sleeve would go, I’ve made those stitches looser than all of the others–I guess I just haven’t pulled tight after slipping the marker before knitting the next stitch.

I was trying to think of a way to correct it b/c while it probably won’t interfere with the usefulness of the sweater–it’s bugging me every time I see it! If I were to knit to the column of stitches that I didn’t pull tight, undo them down to the first row that begins to look loose and use a crochet hook to “re-knit” them (like the way you’d fix a dropped stitch)…could I tighten them as I “re-knit” them w/ the hook and correct the problem?

Am I over-thinking this? Is there another way? Help! I’ve never had this problem before and I’ve slipped markers a million times…it’s only in that one spot although there are 5 markers in the pattern!? I’m not sure why that one spot is loose…

You can start pulling the looseness out now; for what you’ve already done, probably blocking or washing will even it out.

I wondered about that too…

Washing will even out if it’s a natural fiber, because the stitches around it will most likely expand and bloom, and take the excess from the slipped stitches. You can also stretch it now and pull the looseness from the line of slipped stitches to even it out if you don’t like looking at it.

Depending on how much it bothers you… maybe you should block it a couple of times to see how much it helps? It will probably even out over time as well as with blocking, try stretching it vertically, then horizontally, then vertically, quite a few times and see if that helps too…
I actually think that dropping a stitch down and pulling it back up makes it looser than before, as every time I pull on a bar at all it stretches out more. But by the end of the project that’s hardly noticeable. When you finish if it still hasn’t gone away, you could get a sharp needle and gently tug on the stitches either side to take up the tension and gradually redistribute it along the row?

I’ll go with these ideas and see what happens…it’s cotton…

Or you can try my method:

Finish the sweater, put it on your DD and pass out from the unbearable cuteness of it all…completely forgetting the problem.:thumbsup: :rofling:

Seriously though, I bet blocking/washing will probably take care of it. Good luck.

my dd is so cute that I’m sure the mistake will be hardly noticeable…but you know how it is when you’re a knitter…noticing every mistake…at least I do!