Would it be hard to make a purse flap?

I’m kind of experimenting right now, but I’m hoping my current WIP on the needles comes out to be a purse for my niece. I’m almost halfway done (not including i-cord) and was wondering how I would go about making a flap for it. I was originally thinking about doing a buttonhole flap thing…but I don’t really care if it buttons or not…it’s for a 2 year old. But a flap would be really cute.

Do I just bind off half the stitches (there are 70 cast on my circ) and continue to knit until I have the desired length of the flap?

Or do I bind off everything and then pick up stitches? (which I’ve never done)

Any advice would be much appreciated!

You could do either. Perhap binding all of them off, then picking up stitches would be easier. At least with that option, should you not like how your flap is turning out, you easily frog without having to worry about putting any live stitches back on your needles. You could just frog and start fresh w/o bothering the rest of the purse. And on that note, I would check out Amy’s Decreasing Page to see about maybe incorporating a more decorative dec for your flap.

Hope that helps a little … :??

Thanks E. I didn’t even think about doing a decrease. I think I will watch the video on how to pick up stitches and go about the flap that way. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of flap would look good. Just the same shape as the purse (no decrease) or pointed end…hmm…I’ll have to think more.