WOTA question

I want to make a boatload of Sophie bags for Christmas present, since they only take 1 skein of Cascade. I was looking at Wool of the Andes on knitpicks, and wanted to know from anyone who has used it how it compares.


What’s a Sophie bag? If you post a link, I might be able to better answer.

In the meantime, I haven’t used Cascade, but WOTA felts like magic and is worsted weight.

I’ve used both Cascade and WOTA, and felted them both. Here are my Pros and Cons:

Cascade felts faster and more efficiently than WOTA. You have to felt WOTA longer and more agressively.

Cascade has a lot more color choices. That’s the main reason why I chose it for my Fiber Trend Clogs.

WOTA is more inexpensive. $3.58 for 220yards of WOTA compared to $5.50 for Cascade.

As far as the feel of the felted fabric, Cascade is thicker and sturdier, but overall, they’re very similar.

WOTA gets my vote for economy.
Cascade gets my vote for selection and quality.

Thanks Silver. I will probably go with Cascade then, cause alot of these bags are going to kiddo’s. Also, I can drive 10 miles and get some here, as opposed to paying for shipping and such. I am going to check out WOTA when I decide to make a sweater though.

You can find the Sophie Bag here: http://www.magknits.com/warm04/patterns/sophie.htm

Well, I will say that while Cascade is thicker, the WOTA fabric is just fine. It would be fine for kids. And don’t forget, knitpicks has free shipping on $30+ orders.