WOTA for non-felted projects: would you/do you?

I know everyone loves WOTA for felting. But I’d love to hear thoughts and opinions about using it for non-felted projects.

I need a good sturdy yarn for this cardigan and I love the look of the new heathered colors of WOTA. I seem to remember that Amy’s WOTA sweater pilled terribly - or was that a different yarn? I know it’s a little scratchy (I’ve used it for small projects, like my felted Easter eggs and some tiny toddler mitts that didn’t get worn), but I thought that would be all right for an outer layer like a cardigan.

If not WOTA, what would you recommend?

Yeah it seems Amy’s sweater pilled quite a bit with the WOTA. Plymouth Encore is oretty good, nice and warm and machine washable!

I wouldn’t use WOTA. It’s pretty scratchy, and judging from Amy’s experience I don’t think it would hold up too well. Swish Superwash is very nice and soft. I think Becka has put it though the paces and found that it holds up well. And I’ve also used Andean Silk which is verrrrrrrrry soft, but I’m not sure how well it holds up yet.

So far WOTA has held up well for me, but I’ve just done scarves and hats, etc, no garments as of yet. Although, I have a large amt and may do a cardi with it at some point simply because I have it…and, if it pills, I’ll shave it. BUT, I don’t think that I would buy it with a garment in mind, but that’s just me.
Now, I’m finishing up on the version of combo corset t that I have altered to fit Sally using KP’s Swish and it’s holding up very well! After I finish this I will wash it and see how it holds up, but thus far, I would recommend it for a cardi or anything.

Thanks for the thoughts, y’all. I wish I wasn’t so in love with the WOTA heathered colors. :pout:

I really want to use a 100% wool, so the Encorse won’t do but the Swish might possibly, though I tend to think of superwashes as less sturdy than just the straight, plain Peruvian worsted weight wool. Elann has some nice Peruvian wool but not in the colors I’m looking for.

Do you guys think the Swish would be rugged enough for an outer garment worn by 2 year-old boys?

I just want to say, "Thanks for the pattern link…this is just the jacket I’ve been looking for to make my grandson.


[size=2]What yarn are you going to use? [/size]

Either Lamb’s Pride or Bartlett…he’s just a little guy, so probably lamb’s Pride as it’s softer.

I have to use one of these two as I have so much in my stash of both. What was I thinking?

I’m looking at this yarn for the cardigan. Any of you have any experience with it? The price is comparable to the WOTA.

I’ve never used it…let us know how it behaves.

If Schoolhouse Press sells it, it’s a good yarn. I trust them.