Worsted weight socks - free pattern?

Anyone have a free pattern for some socks using worsted weight yarn?

I bought some pink Cascade to make a pair, but just realized I don’t have a pattern. :thinking:

TIA! :smiley:


Here’s one.

thank you!

i’ll try those out =)

Here’s one that I’ve actually made and really liked! They knit up nice and fast.

Silver’s sock class tutorial also has a worsted option as well.


There are several on knitting pattern central,


The Ocean Socks, Scallop Stitch Socks, Chevron Lace Socks, Texture and Lace Socks, and Cat’s Paw Socks use worsted.

I second the sock tutorial :thumbsup:

thanks ladies!

i also happened to pick up the Family Circle Easy Knitting issue from the holidays which has a cool sock tutorial in there too.

i hope to get started on some soon. :thumbsup: