Worsted or Bulky

Yea so I want to make a sweater and I have found 2 really pretty yarns that are so very soft but they are bulky and the pattern calls for worsted so do I try to find some that I like in W. or should I try it with the pretty stuff and make sure the gauge is right. Also what I want to make has cables would they not turn out? I am going to need to be walked through this. Thanks ever so much!

If you change the weight of the yarn, the orig gauge is no longer in effect. You’d now have to recalc the new (bulky) yarn to match the finished item’s number of inches (width/length) …thus, your gauge would be diff. Also, not all yarns work well in showing stitch definition. If you’re going to do cables, make sure whatever yarn you choose ensures the time and effort you’ll be putting in is visible. (Do test swatch.) If the chosen yarn is very fuzzy you’re cables may get lost. Obviously, cables done with bulky yarn will be larger than if done with worsted…and make the garment appear larger. (If that’s a concern to you.)


If you use the bulky, you could knit the pattern in a smaller size… unless you already need the smaller size.



Good point. That would ensure the ability to retain cabling design placement w/o having to recalc.


Thanks gals I think I have decided to take my time with the yarn I know the perfect color and feel of worst. will just come to me I would rather wait for it then end up with something I hate. I could make a bag with the pretty yarn I think that would be best ohh a cable bag yea I will work on that. Why do they have to make such pretty yarn in the size I don’t need lol. j/k Thanks for all your help you saved me some major heartache!