Okay, I know I read somewhere something like this, “As you knit, you will notice that you have occasional strands of yarn that hang out and look like worms in your work. Don’t worry about this becuase_________.”

I don’t remember where I read this, nor do I much care. What I want to know is WHY AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO WORRY?

I believe that sentense was followed by a tip to remove my worms (which I do have in a large pancho I’m making), but I cannot remember what that was for the life of me. Am I supposed to iron the fabric when finished? Will that shrink the worms?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


I think “worming” is common with chenille yarn. It could be caused because when you knit the loops are all interconnected (vs. in crochet where each one is complete on it’s own). You might be able to solve the problem by knitting tighter?? :?? I’m not sure… What yarn are you using?

I don’t have the yarn in front of me, but it’s just a simple cotton yarn that I got from Hobbie Lobby. It’s got two colors and looks kind of like denim. (Well, it doesn’t really look like denim, but that’s what the packaging says…I think it’s even in the name of the yarn…something like, “Denim cotton” or something.

My tension is (finally) pretty consistant I think, but every now and then there’s a worm thing, like one big loose stich, but no stiches are dropped or missing, or added. It’s very odd.


hmmm… well, I don’t know then. Anyone else?

I’ve never heard the term “worms”, either, but if you have an occasional loose stitch, maybe they said that they would go away after blocking. Cotton is notoriously un-stretchy, so I think it’s harder to get even tension with it.

i must say i don’t have a worm problem but this post freaks me out every time i see it…lol

any chance you can post a picture so we can see what you mean?