Worldwide K.I.P Day

Have you guys heard about the Worldwide Knit in Public Day, for June 11, 2005.

The website is here:

It’s gonna be fun!

That is very cool Egeria. I love the idea!

WOWO!!! this will totlly be cool!
Calling all Illinoians… I think we should get together this day to meet and KIP. Wanna?

Unfortunately, I will be on my way back from Costa Rica on that day. I DO plan to be knitting on the plane, though!

I would love to post flyers at my LYSs, though…does anyone know if there’s a standard one, or should I just make one?

There are standard ones you can print off, there is a link on the website for Word or PDF format.

I plan on handing them out to at least three YS’s in my area! I wanna see people knittin’!!

This post has been edited for KellyK’s previous jerkiness…what it SHOULD have said was:

Hey! I LOVE this idea! May I make myself helpful by creating a few more flyer options for you? Maybe some in color, and some in greyscale, using that cute logo?

darn costa rica! you just HAVE to go there for your silly anniversary don’t you!!! sheesh!

i agree,flyers are boring. we need to jazz it up a bit. I’m going to give them to my LYS too! yay!

I know there’s more Illinoians out there!!!

That’s my birthday and DD’s dance show is that weekend, so I will indeed be killing time knitting in public! My LYS has a patio with lounge chairs and an umbrella table right next to the only road leading into town, so that’s a nice place to be public. If someone comes up with a sign, I’d like to print out a few to post around town.

Well those flyers were made when we didn’t have a logo, sorry about that! I was a little slow in putting the picture together!

Can I see what you’ve made in the way of flyers?!


Did I ever show anyone this baby pic of me?
Or, has anyone ever listened to the following album???
Or, possibly see this sculpture I recently had done?

[size=2](Im Sorry I was being a big jerk & not thinking before I typed, Egeria…that was QUITE rude of me.)
I would be HAPPY to work on a colorful flyer OPTION if you would LIKE one!! :smiley: [/size]

:blush: :heart: :blush: :heart: :blush: :heart: :blush:

I did the flyers that way so that it would be easier for people to print them out. If I had done them in color, people who don’t have color printers would have gotten a grey scale. Thank you all for wanting to participate in my little idea.


This sounds SOOOOO cool. I’m taking the flyers to my LYS and talk to them about getting something together!

I’m a big JERK…I know. :frowning: Im sorry!!! :oops:

It’s ok, I just felt kind of yucky after finding this thread, and reading all the posts about my little flyers. You’re more than welcome to make your own, I just wanted something simple and quick. :smiley:

It looks like there’s going to be an event in NJ, held by an AC Moore there. I’m also interested in finding people who want to lead groups in their areas. I feel like right now I can only do so much. I’ve got a bunch of things going on all at once, so any help would be awesome! :thumbsup:

Thanks ladies!

Please re-read my post above…Im TRYIN to make this up to BOTH of you!! :oops: :blush: :frowning:

I’m not upset Kelly! No need to grovel anymore!

Well, ok, after you bring me my coffee, slippers and paper you can stop grovelling! I take my coffee black, maybe a splash of Baileys.

Seriously, I’ve made bonehead posts before without thinking, I know how easy it is!

But yeah, if you have ideas for more flyers that people with colour printers can print, please jump in! The more help the better, we want as many people involved as possible!

Oh, wait, I’ve decided I’d rather have a hot chocolate with a splash (or two!..[size=1]make that three) [/size]of Baileys), topped with whipped chocolate cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Then I’ll forgive ya :wink:

Kelly wearing a French Maid outfit, even though she hasnt shaved her legs this week
[color=red][size=7]HERE YA GO!!![/size][/color] :happydance:

Thanks, Egeria!! MUAH! :inlove:

Wow! That was quick! Thanks so much!

Now here, use this!

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

y’all are so silly. WHo can mad at you Kelly when you are just so silly. :roflhard: :heart:

SO who on this list lives in the Portland OR area and wants to set up in Pioneer Square? I’m going to make some flyers and have my son color them in (he’s 9) and post em in all the LYS.