World's Slowest Purl-er Looking for a Pattern

Hi all,

I’m a relatively new knitter, and I’m looking for a scarf pattern that looks nice, but doesn’t require a lot of purling. It takes me FOREVER to purl!! :wall:

Does anyone have any suggestions for a relatively easy scarf pattern?

Thanks!! :smiley:

You could knit a scarf in the round–not a single purl needed. You could make it striped for variety, and all the ends would be on the inside. Just a thought.

That really is the best part of knitting in the round, in my opinion!! :teehee:

I don’t yet know how to use DPN’s. Do you think I could do it with a small circ set?


If you used a 16" needle, you could make a nice-sized scarf.

If you have two circulars or a really long one for Magic Loop, sure. DPNs aren’t nearly as intimidating as they look, though.

You might also try purling a different way - try continental if you knit English, or vice versa. I was a really slow purler at first, but when I switched to continental, it went much faster.

Irish Knitter,

I have only been knitting for a year (but I knit ALL the time!) and it was hard to get used to the purl. It seemed awkward and laborious. I dreded the purl row.

Tonight, I picked up a scarf/shawl that I am almost finished with and to my surprise, I noticed that the purl rows felt comfortable and soothing, which is why I knit–for the meditative quality.

Keep with it. It will get easier.

Thanks for the encouragement, cms! That’s definitely why I knit too…not to sound cheesy, but it is so soothing.

I may actually try the scrunchable scarf pattern and see how it goes…it’s only 1 purl for every 2 knits, so that should be ok!