World of Warcraft-Crazy DH, Help With Knitting Ideas?

Hey all! You may have seen my post over at craftster about this as well … I’m trying to come up with an idea to knit something for my DH. He is a total freak for World of Warcraft, he has a level 60 hunter. Plays all the time. I’ve never knitted anything for my DH but I’d like to after I finish this birthday scarf for my Ma.

Any ideas for a WoW gamer?

Hehehe, this should be fun. :slight_smile:

Try an afghan that looks kind of like this: That would be really cool. There are a lot of pics you can use on the site to use for afghans. Or, you could try to make a stuffed version of his character.

Now I’m getting ideas on what I could do. >.< I play World of Warcraft a lot, and knit, too. Someone in my guild wants me to knit a sweater for his dog with our tabard on it. XD

Have fun, and let us know what you decide to do. :slight_smile:

Nuu :slight_smile:

OMG my SIL and BIL are totally addicted to this game. My niece and nephew end up having pudding and jello and cereal for dinner b/c SIL is too busy playing and forgets to feed them :shock:

Ooooh! I’m a knitting gamer! :rofling: ‘:cheering:’

But I play EQ2. My hubby plays WoW like it’s crack sometimes, and I’ve considered knitting him something game related too.

Let us know what you decide!!

I am totally a knitting geek! I love the xBox, and I play an online game called vendetta!

A Level 60 Hunter could probably use a felted bag to carry small game in.
Maybe a small felted belt pouch for his gold… or a hooded cape.
Okay, okay… I know a guy isn’t gonna go outside wearing that stuff, unless he’s going to a medieval fair.
For some strange reason, I am saving up all the dark-brown wool I can get so I can make myself a hooded monk’s robe. I got my big ol’ claymore sword, and I’m going to the medieval fairs. :happydance:

:thinking: Still thinking … I’m leaning toward a knitted version of his toon. Not sure. I hate DPNs, especially for small-diameter stuff. (I know I could knit it flat and seam it, but I suck at seaming.)

Still thinking…

I say make some swatches and practice seaming. I used to be really bad at it. And one day I sat down with videos, and every book I could get my hands on, studied up then tried seaming stuff I had knitted and given up on. :slight_smile: And now my seams are bee-you-ti-ful!

I still need to suck it up, er, I mean, learn how to do small diamter in the round as well.


maybe the dude just needs a slap in the head. After all, if he’s got a family at home… (AFTER YOU LIGHT A FEW CANDLES AND THE LITTLES ARE ASLEEP) go to the breaker box, shut off the power, and jump him. If he doesn’t get the hint, get a brick and convince him to pay attention. A 2-by-4 works also. How do you think they teach donkeys to dance?

I know, I know… that was so wrong… But I thought it was funny

w00t! I love WoW!!

I’m making myself a knitted version of the tabard for my guild, “Heavens Light” on Scarlet Crusade :smiley:
If your DH is in a guild, you could knit him a guild tabard :smiley: It’s a pretty simple shape.

What race is his character? If anything, you could make him a sweater with the racial shield on it :slight_smile: That could be awsome :smiley:

Here’s what a tabard sort of looks like (this is mine >__< so purdyful!)

I know, it’s not really wearable outside the house but few WoW themed things would be :wink:


You say he’s a hunter? How about a loincloth? Fun for the whole family!


Hey, at least you have a normal one - my sister is playing an undead running around in naught but a purple robe (her character is, I mean) - I call it her Bathrobe of Doom.

I don’t have problems with the clothing issue on WoW because I play Guild Wars instead. :wink:

Huzzah for the knitting gamer geek. We are a rare breed, apparently.

:roflhard: DH in a loincloth!

Well, I’m a WoW gamer as well. I also happen to have a hunter. Hunters can have up to 3 pets. Which one is his favourite? Perhaps you could knit a stuffed version of his pet. Here is a link to Petopia where you could find pictures of all of the pets available in Warcraft. I have provided pictures of mine just for fun :smiley:

Perhaps something with his character’s name on it? A phone cozy, coffee mug warmer, a pillow, a hat, a scarf.

It wouldn’t work, because hunters wear leather, not cloth :stuck_out_tongue: Leather provides more protection than cloth :roflhard:

DH and I will think about this a bit more.

Btw Hilde, we play after DS goes to bed, so he gets fed on a regular, appropriate basis.

Bel, there’s nothing says she has to knit with yarn! Using leather cord and some large needles, she could get something cool going that might look like a leather version of chainmail.

Trust me, I’ve seen weirder things at Renfaires.

I just read I think at Midnight Knitter how she (or is it he) knits on dpns. First she casts on and knits the first row on straights (or you could do it on one dpn if your cast on is short enough) then divide them on to the dpns and complete the round. HA! I’m gona try it. Cause my cast on feels “wobbly” on so many needles.