World Bird Sanctuary Fall Open House

Hubby and I have been taking the kids to the WBS Fall Open House for the past 4 or 5 years now, we just LOVE it! For anyone who lives in or around St. Louis, MO, I HIGHLY recommend going to this! It’s in Valley Park, MO, in Lone Elk Park. They do it once a year, the 3rd weekend in October. For more info about the World Bird Sanctuary, please visit:

Anyway, here are a few pics I took today of the various birds they have there. I really wish the pics I took of the fruit bats would have turned out better, they are SO freaking cute!! Hope you enjoy!

Great pictures. We have Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayneboro, VA where they rehab animals and attempt to return them to the wild, but there are some that never recover enough so they maintain them for educational purposes. I LOVE the birds of prey and the demos they do with them.

gorgeous pictures!

as someone who works with birds of prey i love seeing others interested in them

Wild birds are great with a bit of ketchup!

Just kidding, great pics.

WOW! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful.


Yeah, we are so wrong sometimes…haha…My mom and dad went with us this year, this was the first year they had come along and when we were on one of the tours and the “tour guide” was telling us about the chickens, my dad says (quietly, just to us, mind you…lol) they had 2 kinds of chickens there, spicy and extra cripsy :roflhard: Kidding of course, especially since my dad and I both are vegetarians, but humorous none the less! :teehee:

Really enjoyed the pictures. Thanks.