Working with two separate balls of yarn?

I’m making a sweater and having trouble understanding what the pattern means. It’s in the shaping the neck section:
K 13 sts, join another ball of B and bind off next 14 sts, k to end of row. Working both sides at the same time with separate balls of yarn, bind of 1 st at each neck edge every other row 3 times.
It’s the part where you work both sides at the same time that’s confusing. How do you do this?

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What you’re doing here is creating a shoulder section on each side of the neck. You work the first shoulder with the yarn you’ve been using. You bind off with the new ball of yarn, and when you do the stitches on the second shoulder, you’ll now have a strand for each shoulder section.

When they say to work both at the same time, it just means that you do the row on one shoulder with its yarn and then the other shoulder with the yarn attached there. You still use your same needles, they’ll just be a gap between the two sections.

Is there a video to help understand this?

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This video and the one following may help. The sweater in the video has a long placket in front but the idea of dividing for the two sides of the front with the bind off in the center is similar. The later video in the series covers neck bind offs on each side.