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I’m new to this so if I am doing it wrong, let me know. In my pattern I have a 10 stitch repeat on chart plus additional stitches being added on Either side. When I finish the chart one time i have 18 stitches on one side of center stitch and 19 on the other side. Now it says repeat chart 6 times. The first row has 12 stitches in total ( one on right and two on left) outside the 10 stitch square. How do I knit the 10 stitches (+ the 3 ) on the chart when I have 18 and 19 stitches on my needle.
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Could you tell us the total number of stitches you have to start with?

And we’d love to know what kind of item you are making and the pattern name too.


1st, I’m not a computer person but I’ll try. My pattern is Amber Road. It is a triangle lavender shawl with a center stitch, and a 3 stitch edge on both sides. Im having trouble repeating chart 2 for the second time (6 in all) . I m not sure what number of stitches you are asking for. The chart starts with 3 edge stitches, 1 stitch, 10 more stitches in the square ( repeat);and 2 more stitches.,Each rs row increases one stitch on each side. I now have finished the 10 rows of #2/chart and I’m now supposed repeat it 5 more times. How do I knit 12 stitches in the chart when I have 18 stitches on my needle, plus the 6 edge stitches.

I wonder if you may have missed a row. Looking at chart 2 you should have 3edge sts, 5sts, the 10stitch repeat followed by 6sts and then the center stitch and the second half. That’s 21sts plus the 3 edge sts on each side and one center stitch.

That number (21sts) works for beginning chart 2 again but this time working 2 repeats of the chart in each half (one stitch plus 2 repeats).

Sometimes it helps to go over the row, naming the sts as you go (knit sts, yarn overs, decreases and so on).

I may have finally realized my mistake. I wasn’t knitting the whole row. I knit the first 5 extra after the 3 edge stitches . ( row 9 of chart 2) Then I stitched the “10 repeat stitches, then the middle stitch., repeat. Should I have knit the first 5 stitches then the repeat 10 stitches and then the additional 6 stitches THEN the the center stitch.? In other words knit the whole pattern (21) stitches on row 9. (Then why have the ‘repeat‘ section if im supposed to repeat everything) Actually I’m not sure that it is correct. Why would the 10 middle stitches be in the ‘box’ ( repeat) if I was supposed to stitch them all. I guess Im Just wAy over my head. I have been doing charts for several years and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong this time . I guess old age has taken my brain away. I think I’m ready for bed and repeating myself . Th and you for whatever u can help . I’m knitting like mad, finally. Thank you so much for your help.

Kathleen Frost

THEN the middle

You’re on the right track. Knit the first sts before the repeat which will give you 5sts. Then knit the 10stitch repeat once. Finish this section with the last sts which will give you 6sts, then the center stitch and the second half.
The reason for the repeat section is that on the next repeat of the chart, only that 10stitch section will be repeated twice. So 5sts, the 10-stitch repeat times 2 then 6sts. The only repeat section is the 10 boxed sts.

Thanks for your help. I’m knitting way past my question problem now and loving it.

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Could you tell us the total number of stitches you have to start with?