Working the gusset?

Hey:tap:! When did that happen?

what’s working the gusset?

what’s turning the heel?

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when did this happen?

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Uhh… it’s been that way for a couple weeks now at least. There are several threads about it. :teehee:

All it is is a new way to designate how many posts you have. There are 10 levels each one harder to attain and no one but Sheldon knows the post count as it should be.

Although it’s not one of the choices mine would probably “socks with holes in them” because I have so many posts. :teehee:

a gusset is a trianglular peice of knitting (or cloth, cause gussets are used in sewing too)
that provides ease.

in socks, you need ease to turn the heel. (you can make gussetles tube socks, but they, like store bought tube socks tent to:
1 bunch at ankle front
2 sag in leg back

so what is a gusset?

you start with a tube.
you stop knitting a tube and make a staight knit flap (a sort of square of knitting)

at the end of the flap, you turn the heel (you turn the flap from a flat bit of knitting to a sort of scoop. the sides roll in, the bottom is closed like a scoop!)

the, stitches are picked up along the edges of the flap (the flap usually has a chain stitch selvage (every row starts with a S1,)

once the stitches are picked up, there is a problem! NAMELY, THERE ARE TOO MANY STITCHES!

A sock that started with 60 stitches, used 30 for heel flap, (half) reduced the flap to 14 stitche while turning, (about half again!) will, after picking up stitches along flap edge have 72 or more stitches! (a 20% increase in the number of stitches (or about 1/5th more)

so decreases are in order… one decrease each side of the flap (2 per round), every other round, till you once again have (in this case) 60 stitches. the actual numbers will change… (more or less stitches to start, but the flap is usually 1/2 the stitches, and the turn reduces flap by half again (about 1/4 the stitches… or a little more or less) the pick up stitches on flap increase total by about 20% (12 stitches is 1/5 of 60)

the result of decreasing 2 stitches every other round is a triangle shaped bit of knitting --a gusset!

you can sometimes find gussets (triangle shaped bits of cloth) in :
underarms of tailored dresses or jackets
the crotch of trousers (especially riding pants (not jodphers, but riding pants)

in knitting they are pretty common in socks and underarms.

Look at photo’s of hand knit socks (easy to find on many blogs, or google!) and you’ll see the triangles and line of decreases… (and that my dear is the gusset!)


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