Working Needle

Can someone tell me which needle is referred to as the “working needle”? Does this consistently mean the left needle that holds the stitches, or the right needle that “does the knitting”?

Can you type out the sentence how they are using the term?

I would think the right hand needle is the working needle if you’re only referring to 2 needles.

I think it might more commonly be used when talking about using 4 or 5 dbl pt needles to knit circularly - and then I’d say the 2 needles you are using are the “working needles.”

The working needle is the one you are using to create the stitches. If you are knitting right handed, the work flows off the left needle, onto the right one as stitches are made. So the right needle would be the “working” needle in that example.

I always wondered about that. Thanks for the information!

The left needle is essentially “the holder”.
The right hand needle is “the worker”. :thumbsup:

I’ve always thought of it that way. Nice to know I was on the mark for once. :aww: