Working into the foundation chain

I’m still very much a beginner, and am realizing that I may not be working into the foundation chain the way I’m supposed to.

I was just looking at this website and I think I’ve been doing the Method #3, inserting my hook into only the uppermost loop of the chain. This website, however, says that this is a ‘less commonly used method’, so I’m wonder what the general concensus is on what’s the best way to do it??

I’m starting on the ‘Get the Skinny Scarves’ (pdf pattern) from Interweave. I’ll have to work into the foundation chain twice and that being, not sure how I should initially work into the chain in order to work into it again later. I started off with the method #1 on the above mentioned website and it’s working but looks weird. It leaves really big loops where the shells are made and not sure how I’d work into that later.

Sorry for the long winded post - need all the help I can get!

I work into my chain through the top loop only… so you are not alone… Do whatever feels comfy to ya… no need to be worried about that! =] =] Good luck on your crocheting. I know people who work the other ways… it’s all in preference or how you learn to crochet. It can be a bit overwhelming! :eyes: Hang in there!


For me it depends on how tight I’ve done the foundation chain - if I’ve done it tight, then I do only do one top loop, but I always try to do it through both top loops if I can because it makes it a bit more stable - it stops one big loop being drawn up out of the foundation, but that can look quite pretty as an edging too, so it’s down to personal taste, I think.

If you are having difficulty making a stitch into the foundation chain, you can make the foundation chain with a larger hook (I go up a size). I found that if I stitch through the top loop, the gap is too large under that stitch.

Good luck with your scarf!


Lol, Carolyn, I totally forgot that I do that! I think it’s become second nature to me so it wasn’t near enough the surface of my mind to say that! Well done :wink: :yay:

I personally use method #2 most of the time, because I like the nice beginning edge it leaves, but if I am going to work into both sides of the foundation row I work #1 first, into both top loops, and then #2 into the back loops which are left over. You should try some swatches and see which you like better. It is hard when working shells into a foundation chain not to leave big open holes where the shells go.