Working arms of a sweater on DPNS

I’m doing a top down baby cardigan (from Knitting Pure and Simple). You hold the arm stitches on waste yarn, and then later put the live stitches on DPNS, pick up add’l stitches from the underarm area, and start knitting in the round. My problem is that the knitting in the round is producing the wrong side on the outside of the sleave, and the right side on the inside! For the life of me I can’ t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Does it make a difference which direction you start to knit in (i.e. clockwise vs counterclockwise)? I know that I am missing something obvious, but what is it??

If you’re knitting with the working needles closest to you (like if your tube of knitting is a cup and you’re about to take a drink out of it, if that makes any sense!) your Vs will be on the outside. I think it turns out the other way if you knit on the needles that are furthest from you.

:thinking: OK… the front side of the cardigan is facing me, and I am working on the sleave that is on my left. I put the “live” stitches on 2 dpns, and then I attached yarn and picked up underarm stitches (going from right to left) on a 3rd DPN, and started my round directly after the picked up stitches (going counterclockwise). I suppose I could pick up the underarm stitches from the left toward the right, but don’t I have to start my round where the working yarn is attached? Holly

Hold on…I can explain this better with pictures…

This is what I was talking about…don’t know if it helps but it’s the only reason I can think of that it would come out inside-out.

You’re the best, Julie! Thanks for taking the time to do pics :smiley: I’m going to go unravel the rows I knitted and try again. I think I must have started going in the wrong direction. It is confusing me because I am reattaching the yarn, and so I need to decide where to start. I’m definately getting the wrong side on the outside of my sleave :oops: Holly

:cheering: Success! Thanks Julie :D. I was knitting counter clockwise, but I did have success in frogging those rows and getting the needle back in the right spot (my yarn is a little puffy and splits easily, so this was a major accomplishment for me).

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