"Work to desired length to underarm"?


I’m making the shapely. It will be my first sweater. SIZE=“1”[/SIZE]

I just finished the bust short rows, and I did two rounds to pick-up all the wrapped stitches. (I’m converting this pattern to in-the-round, so after wrapping my last purl stitch I turned and picked up the knit/left-side wraps, and then I did another round and picked up the purl/right-side wraps.)

Okay, so now the pattern says to “Work to desired length to underarm.” What does this mean?

Well obviously I know what this means, but exactly how long is that supposed to be?

Like I said, it’s my first sweater so I’m afraid of putting my armholes too low or too high and winding up with an uncomfortable fit.

That’s the first question, second question: How difficult would it be to add sleeves to this thing?

I’m knitting this in 100% acrylic and it’s starting to feel a bit warm. Plus, I think some puffed sleeves would look really cute… (see attachments for inspiration pics – though I’d like a little more height if possible and maybe half the length of the red sleeves). I googled around and learned that puffed sleeves need to be set-in, which can be a challenge (but that’s okay for me, I’m willing to experiment).

Does anyone have a link for a good puffed sleeve pattern like this? (Again, I googled around, and the puffed sleeves I found looked kinda droopy – is this inherent to a knitted sleeve? Or is there some fabulous puffed-up sleeve pattern lurking about on the interwebs?) Or, could you recommend a book?

I understand that this will require me to convert the pattern to the stitch/row gauge I’m at now, and that’s okay.

Thanks in advance for any advice/tips/links you all can share!

First, there is a pattern for a shapely tee that will solve the challenge of adding sleeves – they just aren’t puffy sleeves.

Knitting until the desired length to armholes determines how long the body of the sweater will be before you start shaping for the armholes. Find a sweater with a length you like and measure from the hem to the underarm. Then you knit until your shapely is that length and start the armhole shaping.

Hope this helps!


Ooh, I didn’t know about that pattern! Thanks that will help me a lot. :slight_smile:

Okay, I will try the old sweater-measuring trick. Thank you for your advice.