Work one row into the backs of stitches... Help?


Hi there!
I’m a fairly new beginner, so please excuse me if this is a basic question!

The pattern says…
“Cast on 69 sts. Work one row into the backs of the sts to make a neat edge.”

Can anyone help explain what that means?

Thanks so much!


Welcome to the forum!
I’m assuming you knit into the back loop which twists the stitch. Here’s a video.


When the first row is twisted, the edge will resemble a chain, thus creating a nicer edge. At least if you used the long tail cast on.

This is very easy to do: While keeping the yarn behind your work (as you normally do for knit stitch), you insert your needle as if you would be purling and then just finish the stitch in the same way as you do when knitting. So the only difference from a normal knit stitch is the direction you insert your right hand needle.


One thing more: The very same thing can be achieved if you switch hands when doing a long tail cast on and then doing completely normal knit stitches. This means that during the cast on you have your needle in your left hand and you are holding the yarn in your right hand. Thus it is a mirror of what you normally would do during cast on.

If you switch hands for cast on you will have each stitch mounted the opposite way and if you then knit the first row normally you will end up with the same twisted stitches.