Work one row even? Continue even?

What does it mean when the pattern says: “work one row even” and “continue even”?
This is the back top bodice of a toddler jumper. The bodice itself is done in st st.
Here is the paragraph: Neck Shaping: Knit 11 sts, bind off center 20 sts; knit across remaining 11 sts. Working on these last sts only (left back shoulder), [U]work 1 row even[/U]. Decrease 1 st at neck edge on next row, and on following alternate row 9 sts. [U]Continue even [/U]until total length of bodice measures 6". I’d appreciate any light you could shed my direction.

Working even means just doing the pattern w/o increases or decreases. In this case you would just work stockinette for one row. Then you do the decreases as instructed and work more stockinette till it measures 6 inches.

Thank you so much for making it simple and straight forward for me. I appreciate it. I will be working on it tomorrow as we drive on a trip. Thanks again!!