Work next 3 rows

I’m new at knitting. The pattern says to WORK NEXT 3 ROWS. What does that mean? :thinking:


What does the pattern say before that?

I’m knitting a Hat.

It says:

Shape crown
Row 1 (dec) (RS): K1 *(yfwd, K2tog) 3times, yfwd, K4tog, rep from *to end. 73 sts.
Work 3 rows.

Row 5 (dec) (RS): ETC…

I assumed it meant to knit row 1, 3 more times. I tried that and it wasn’t
coming out right.

Thanks for your help!

Ugh… what an odd way to write a pattern. :doh:

I think it probably means to work three rows in stockingette, but it could be garter. Do you have a picture of the finished hat?

i would guess the same thing. is that row you mentioned as row 1 really the first row or just the first decrease row? If there are other rows before that what kind of knitting are you doing before?

I would also say just work those three rows in whatever pattern you had been, without any decreasing until you get to the 5th row.

I have a picture. I found the pattern free on the internet. I actually can’t find the site right now. I have to find it and I will post it when I do! I won’t be able to do that now until Monday, August 15!


I seemed to have figured out the pattern. The pattern before beginning to decrease the crown has you purling every even row. I was thinking you had to do row 1, 4 times. So instead of doing row 1, 4 times, I did row 1 and 3 the same and row 2 and 4 I purled and the hat is FABULOUS!

Thanks for all you help!

Here is that website to the hat pattern if you want to look at it.