"Work even until..."

Hello gracious ladies! May I once again pick your brains?

I’m currently :knitting: on the armhole shaping. It states:

Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows.

[B]Next row[/B] (RS) K2, k2tog, work in pat to last 3 sts, SKP, K1.

[B]Next row[/B] K1, work to last st, K1. Rep last 2 rows 3 times more----35sts.

[COLOR=“Red”][B]Work even[/B][/COLOR] until armhole measures 4 3/4 inches, end with a RS row.

My question is: what does “work even…” means?

Work even means to work in your stitch pattern without incs or decs - you’re keeping the stitches ‘even’ or the same as they were.

You’re just going to knit it back and forth without doing any increases or decreases until it measures a certain length. Follow your pattern. If it’s in stockinette stitch, knit the knit rows and purl the purl rows. Sometimes you’ll see this written “knit evenly” or “knit straight”.

One thing I would suggest is that you mark the place you begin to knit straight on the edge of the piece with a marker, bit of scrap yarn, or safety pin. Mark it also on the other side. You’ll need to make a corresponding edge on the other side only in reverse. This will help you to easily see where you need to do this. Sometimes I’m sure I’ve measured correctly, but I end up with one shoulder higher than the other. This is why I say mark the spot.

WOW!!!:cheering: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE QUICK INTERPRETATION!!!:yay: I can now move on!!! :muah: