Work even in St st (k every round)?

Hi I have a pattern and I’m really not sure what this phrase means Could someone clear this up?

Stockinette stitch every round. This actually means that you are going to knit every round, because when you are knitting in the round, one side automatically will be the wrong side. The inside will look like garter, while the outside will look like stockinette. So just keep on knitting until the instructions change :slight_smile:

So one row stockinette and one row normal garter stitch?

In the round, there is no need to do stockinette- it happens automatically. Just knit (garter) and it will turn out.

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What is the name of the pattern? Can you provide a link please? Don’t post the pattern itself here.

Heres the link

Nice gloves! Yes, as it says in parenthesis, knit every round. You’re knitting in the round so you never need to purl to get stockinette stitch.