"Work 2 rows even without increases"?

I really need some help!

I am knitting my first sweater for my 9 month old son…

Here’s the pattern…

Row 2: Cast on 5 sts (right button band), knit these 5, pm, purl to last marker, K5

Row 3: k5, sm, *knit to 1 stitch before next marker, yo, k1, sm, k1, yo; repeat from * 3 more times, knit to end row

Row 4: k5, purl to last 5 sts, k5

Repeat Rows 3 & 4 twice more (increasing at shapeline markers as set)

Buttonhole Row: (RS) k1, k2tog, yo, k2, sm, *knit to t st before next marker, yo, knit to last 5 sts, k2, yo, k2tog, k1

Next Row: (WS) k5, purl to last 5 sts, k5

Repeat Rows 3 & 4 above, increasing as set, making buttonholes after every 10 garter stitch ridges . The buttonholes will sit between the ridges…

Continue until you can count 18 pairs of eyelets along the raglan shapelines, ending after a wrong side row

Work 2 rows even without increases…

Okay… here are my questions…

  1. What does work 2 rows even without increases mean? What two rows?

  2. When do I do this? AFter I’ve knitted all of the buttonholes at the very end? Or do I knit these two rows after I’ve knitted each buttonhole?

Lordy Lordy Lordy… I really love knitting but somehow, I’ve buggered my sweater and have to pick back 7 rows anyway.

Any help with this would be really very much appreciated…

grrrrrr… :wall::wall::??

  1. What does work 2 rows even without increases mean? What two rows?

It means exactly that. Knit the next 2 rows without increases in them. You do that after you’ve made enough raglan increases to count 18 pairs of holes at the sleeve seam, then do 2 mores row. You may have to do more buttonholes, it depends on how many rows since your last one.


Just to clarify so that I understand completely:

So I do row 3 and 4 and then repeat twice more… then do the buttonhole row and the next row

and the “work 2 rows even without increase” I do at the very end…

… right? :smiley:

You keep doing rows 3 and 4, the buttonholes are done whenever you’ve done 10 garter st ridges since the last one. To get you started, do 3 & 4 twice, then a button hole row, then you’ll do Row 4. Then repeat rows 3 & 4 for 10 rows, then a buttonhole row. After you’ve got 18 sets of the eyelets (counting the YOs in Row 3 and the buttonhole rows), then you do the 2 rows without increases.

Thanks for the clarifications.
Another dumb question…

a garter stitch row is in the shape of a “v”, correct?

A knit stitch is in the shape of a “v.”

A purl stitch is in the shape of a bump.

Garter stitch is when you knit all rows. This results in a combination of “Vs” and bumps where the bumps are more prominent on both sides of your knitting.

A stockinette stitch is when you knit one row and purl the next resulting in “Vs” on one side and bumps on the other.

Hope this helps!