Work 1?

Hi All! I am finally starting the Lang Criss-Cross vest that I asked a question re: edge stitches on…

I did not look ahead to see that i also don’t know what they mean in the following directions:

1 edge st, k1, 1yo, sl 1, work 1, psso, k1 repeat.

What do they mean WORK 1? Is that a k st? Then I’m psso over that one I knitted?

Thanks Buddies :slight_smile:

Since they say to work one rather than knit one, it’s possible that it could be a knit or purl, depending on what the pattern has you doing at that point.

Here is what this ajour pattern looks like - its gorgeous! The yarn is Lang Pearl - Mohair/acrylic. The luster is amazing and the texture of this st pattern is really neat! :teehee: