Woops-help me cover mistake

Hi Everyone,
I’m making this really pretty cabled and plummed baby sweater and at one point on the right front panel i forgot to work my plume pattern row and now there is a obvious flaw in the pattern. I don’t want to go back so i’m thinking of either making a little pocket and stitching that on or embroidering the baby’s initials on the “bare” spot. What do you guys think? OR should i just leave it? If anyone thinks a pocket would be good do you happen to have a link for a pattern for a pocket small enough for a baby sweater?:hug: Thanks guys! I can’t believe i did that! I was so close to being done with no major screw ups!

Because I’m a stickler, I’d probably run a ladder down and fix the pattern if at all possible. That may require laddering several stitches together, which is a pain, but do-able.

Embroidering the baby’s name sounds cute, though it does limit any other baby using the sweater in the future.

If you go with a pocket, can’t you just knit up a little square, maybe incorporate the missing pattern detail and top-stitch it on. It isn’t an actual functional pocket, afterall.

All good ideas. Thank you! The ladder sounds wonderful but i’ve never done it before and i don’t want to try anything new on this sweater because i’m almost done and if i have to frog it i’ll be so mad! I’m already pretty mad about the mistake. Because the flaw is closer to the arm then the center i think i’ll knit a aplique in the same color and sew it on. What do you guys think of that? It’s a cop out but i think it’ll look okay. It’s a baby girl so i was thinking about a little flower. I have that nicky epstien knitting with flowers book and knitting over the edge so maybe i can find something in that. Thanks guys! Write me your opinions.

If you can do cross stitch how about doing a little bear or kitten in the bare spot.:knitting: