Wool Soakers

I’m going to make a few wool soakers for my godbaby!!! YEAHHH ME…

So, do these need to be felted? I have found a few patterns, but it doesn’t talk specifically about felting…

anybody have any experience with this?


Soakers are very fun & quick to knit! :smiley:

They don’t have to be felted – though a few patterns I have seen call for partial felting. Also, I made a soaker for a friend and included partial felting instructions along with the care instructions in case it was too big (which it was).

I highly recommend the tinybirds patterns! :thumbsup:

I used rubber pants with my kids…so…

how DO you wash them then? shouldn’t they be bleached? and washed in hot water? won’t that mess em up?

Wool (especially unprocessed) is naturally antimicrobial – you don’t need to bleach them. (In fact, that would destroy a lot of wool’s wonderful qualities. )

Just like a wool sweater, a soaker can be aired out between wearings, and be washed periodically. They work extremely well; I’ve used them for my children, too.

An excellent pattern can be found at www.woolywonder.com – there is also a forum there for questions and pattern support. :slight_smile: Wooly Wonder also has great patterns for wool shorts and pants, which can be used in place of soakers and in place of regular shorts/pants.

Here’s a pair of soaker pants I made from my own baby yoga pants pattern:

And here’s a pair I made for a custom order:

There are entire businesses devoted to wool soakers, shorts, and pants – they are very popular with people who use cloth diapers!

Oh, and the Tinybirds pattern is nice, but it calls for a type of wool that is best felted – the WW pattern does not need to be felted.

Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, soakers only need to be washed every few weeks. Even though they’re all peed on – if they get pooped on, of course you need to wash them right away. But from what I’m told (I don’t CD but have a lot of friends who do) they don’t smell. Wool is magical! :smiley:

I’ve used a bunch of different yarns with the tinybirds pattern (mostly malabrigo wool or merino style from knitpicks), and eventually ended up writing my own pattern that’s knit in the round because I can’t stand flat knitting/seaming things.

I’ve used the WW pattern, too.
It’s fabulous.
You don’t need to wash soakers unless they’re poopied on. Other than that, just air dry them. Really, they don’t stink. It’s the strangest thing…

These new-fangled wool soakers. What ever happened to good old disposables? :rofling:

my thoughts Ingrid…rofl…

I did find a pattern for a felted sweater that you cut for a soaker. I’ve been gathering sweaters and felting them to make purses. But with the condition of my machine, I just felt, felt felt. Mom doesn’t quite “get” what I am talking about with the sweaters, so she buys me any ole thing, and they just aren’t WORKING(holes in the sweater, too deep of a V. But this will be great for the babe. And the mama has some wool that I can make her a couple soakers…(after the quilt is done)


We’ve run out of landfill space! :wink:

I didn’t MEAN it! :wink: I think it’s a great idea. I washed tons of diapers in my day.

I know! :wink:

What will they think of next? How to make beautifully patterned rugs out of wool? :wink:

I’ve been playing with the idea of sweaters, knit with lots of colors in kind of geomentric patterns–thin yarn on small needles in the round. Sound doable? Maybe we could make it a cottage industry. :thinking: :rofling:

Irishbaby, I love those blue pants that you knit (the baby yoga pants pattern). They rock!

Yes, wool is magical. I think it’s especially wonderful for younger babies because it’s a natural fiber and lets their skin breathe.

And when you’re washing diapers every other day, or more often than that even, it’s wonderful to have a little bit less stuff to wash!!! I speak from personal experience here.

Oh Ingrid, ROTFLMBO!

Irishbaby those are so cute I can’t stand it!!! :inlove: