Wool Shrink Questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering if wool shrinks when it’s in warm water or hot water?:disappointed_relieved:also can a person use any detergent for it? Does a person really need to buy a special wool detergent for it?:frowning_face:(what do you guys think?Any opinions on that ?Also ,does cotton yarn shrink too?. :thinking:

Shrink?? Yes, it can shrink. If it’s not a super wash wool it will FELT in the wash. Even super wash can slightly felt sometimes. If it’s hand knit and you care about it I suggest you treat it gently.

I don’t know the answer to the detergent question, but generally a gentle wash that can be used without much rinsing is preferred.

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Hi @knitgirl
Felting happens with the combination of heat and agitation. So, when washing a 100% wool garment, hand washing in cool water is recommended. You can use a wool wash such as Soak Wash, then lay flat to dry. Some detergents can be harsh on wool (especially hand dyes) so if you choose regular detergent, only use a few drops.
100% Cotton does shrink, but it will not felt. If you hand wash cotton, you can stretch it back to size/shape when laying it flat to dry. Good luck! :smiley: