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Hi I am taking up knitting where is the best place to buy wool online

That could well depend on where you are. Are you using ‘wool’ to mean yarn in general as is done in the UK or the fiber the yarn is made of as in the US? Neither is right or wrong, I ask solely for clarity’s sake. I’m in the US and have ordered from Wool Warehouse which is in the UK. I’m thinking you might be in the UK. It’s possible that if you are looking for yarn for learning to knit a local store would be your best option for getting a small quantity. Shipping can be a budget killer.

I am interested in your experience ordering from wool warehouse because of currency differences. I am wanting to get some yarn that I haven’t found in US and is available at wool warehouse. I have my name on a notification list with Lovecrafts when back in stock but that’s been several months ago. So back to considering ordering from the wool warehouse. Do you just change the currency at the top and pay with your select method and it’s all taken care of, or will their be some unknown charges related to an exchange rate.

I’ve only ordered from Wool Warehouse once and it’s been quite some time, definitely pre-Covid. I believe I had changed the currency setting to US, if nothing else that seems logical. I think I used PayPal and the conversion from US to UK funds was handled there. What the charge for that was I don’t know but I’m sure there was one. I’m sure that with everything toted up it was a good enough price for me or I wouldn’t have completed the order even though I was buying Drops yarn that I couldn’t find available from a US vendor. I don’t recall any surprise costs that weren’t clear upfront unless it was trying to figure out the charge for conversion by PayPal. What did surprise me was how quickly the package was delivered to my door. I think WW does a lot of business with US customers which gave me confidence to think it would all work out OK. If you do decide to order you might let us all know how it goes for you.

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I am sorry I don’t know what brand of yarn you are looking for but are you aware that Webs (yarn.com) and Love crafts are the same company. A lot of times if one doesn’t have what you are looking for the other will.


if you’re in america and just starting out i recommend jo-ann – they have budget friendly and beginner friendly stuff mostly

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I’m in the UK. I have bought from another online store but now I only use woolwarehouse which has already been mentioned.

They have some great sale prices on various yarns which is worth looking at.
It’s free delivery in the UK over a certain price. I plan 2 projects and order innone go to get the free delivery and save a few £. They have fast and give good service.

For those outside the UK there is a page on their website which explains the process and cost for international delivery. I don’t think it I overly expensive for the delivery but as with anything it depends how much you really want that yarn as to whether the delivery cost is worth it.

Weeloz, the cheapest yarns are often acrylic (which i prefer not to use any more unless its a recycled yarn, my small effort for a cleaner world). Acrylic yarns can be found in aldi cheaply and also online exclusives, I don’t think they do other yarn types though.

Do you have a set of needles already?


I went to lys yesterday to get another set of tips and while there I asked them about ordering internationally. There was also another customer there that apparently had done it previously and he said not a big deal. Everything is spelled out before you finish checking out. Interestingly the owner had just taken a trip to Ireland with a group (kind of a knitting tour). Apparently no issues at all with customs with what they brought back. So as soon as I complete a couple things I am going to order yarn from there.

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Thank you for the replies ,I am in the UK

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