Wool for infant cardigan

Hi friends,
I want to make a cardigan for my comming baby. I dint get the of my choice in baby wool so i got Bernat satin sport wool. Now i m confused if this is the right wool for an infant.
Please give me your opinion.

Are you wanting actual wool like from a sheep or are you using the term wool to mean any yarn? Do you want machine washable yarn? What we can suggest is dependent on your answer.

Bernat Satin is not wool, it’s acrylic. It’s perfectly fine for a baby and it’s washable.

In my question I askeed about a yarn but please tell me some options for wool also and it should me machine washable.

You actually said “Bernat Satin Sport[B] [I]Wool[/I][/B]” and “baby[I][B] wool[/B][/I]” which is what made me ask. I know in some countries they call all yarn wool and I needed clarification so I could find what you wanted.

So let’s see…don’t know if you want yarn from an online source or in a retail store, but here’s some I have used and liked and all are washable.

Elann Superwash Worsted

Acrylic, cotton and blends
Caron Simply Soft (they also have other types of Simply Soft)
Bernat Softee Baby
Bernat Cot’n Corn
Berroco Comfort DK (I’ve also used the worsted)

I’d go with washable for a baby. Also, with unknown possible allergies I don’t think I’d go with wool, but rather synthetics just in case.

I like Debbie Bliss’ Rialto a lot. It’s washable and very smooth.

Cyndi…do you know if Debbie bliss Cashmerino Baby is machine washable? I know it is hand washable and I know you have to dry it flat??.. I love that yarn for baby things. It is a little pricey, but I still love it.

You know I can’t remember. I htink it is. I bought to balls when we made hats for Mason’s mom. I need to find the second one. I didn’t use it and the label should be with it. It’s nice, though! It’s not plied and it was the first yarn I used like that but I like it. Let me see if that ball is handy (among all the tons of red yarnballs in my bins–my favorite color). brb

It doesn’t have any more specific care instructions than “extrafine superwash.” I wasn’t looking necessarily for washable yarn when I bought it but wanted something that would feel good on sensitive skin and the LYS worker convinced me that washable wool would be more comfortable than acrylic–cooler and breathable and not itchy. I loe the yarn. It’s just almost a little stretchy!

Oh, sorry. I didn’t catch that you said Cashmerino. I was talking about Rialto. Disregard all of my rambling! I promise to pay more attention to the question before I answer next time!

That’s o.k. ! It is very late at night at least where I am! Rhode Island. Actually I went online to WEBS yarn and by coinincedence I ran across DB baby cashmerino and it is machine washable! I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t remember if it was or not since that is the only yarn I used for 3 out of 4 of my grandchildren!
Thanks so much for looking for me though I really appreciate it.
As usual everyone here is so nice! I haven’t been able to post in a long time because I got a different position in my company and getting used to it is taking up my precious knitting time!
Take care,

I’m blaming it on NyQuil and cerebral flatulence. Next time I buy yarn I’m going to look for Cashmerino. It’s made of my two favorite fibers so I can’t go wrong, right? I hear it mentioned a lot and never in a negative way.

It is my favorite yarn. I made an intricate baby blanket that my 11 month old granddaughter uses and it looks new. I still get comments on it. I wish they would make that yarn in a worsted weight!

Debbie Bliss has nice yarn. I have ten skeins (a deal at littleknits.com) of her Alpaca Silk DK and my daughter wants a scarf with it. I’m trying to find a really special scarf pattern for such nice yarn. I think I’ll make her a hat and mittens, too.