Wool & Company

Why oh Why do I torture :wall: myself by getting Wool & Company’s newsletter :?? ?? The CLASSES , oh my :heart: , the “gifts” section :inlove: , the books :study: , the yarn :smiley: … I live in Florida :sunny: , for goodness sake! One more reason to be SO JEALOUS :mrgreen: of our Ill. KHers

One reason I can never move South! :wink:

W & C ships REALLY quickly! :wink:

I want to take CLASSES !!! I know that the newsletter email will remain in my “in” box until I place an order … it always does.

Your northern friends would probably appreciate gifts.:roflhard: No need to stop knitting just because it’s hot :wink:

That’s for sure, and there are a zillion new “cool”, cool cotton yarns out. I think I would really enjoy taking a class no matter what time of year!