Wool and cotton throwing beam

Pierre Sonnerats 1782 illustration


Wikipedia ascribes this invention as “cotton carding” If you know carding (aligning the fibers) This is not carding.

Science historian Joseph Needham ascribes the invention of bow-instruments used in textile technology to India.The earliest evidence for using bow-instruments for carding comes from India (2nd century CE). These carding devices, called kaman (bow) and dhunaki, would loosen the texture of the fibre by the means of a vibrating string.

This is not a carding machine. The title of the video translates to wool and cotton throwing beam. Its interesting to see this in action and how its built. But I am unsure of its purpose. Perhaps Loosening the material for stuffing pillows? Working organic matter and loosening prior to drum carding? I thought I would document this, as the language barrier does not allow for this to be catalogued and fully understood and I have been interested in this machine and its purpose since I initially saw the illustration, while I researched carding machines.