Woohoo, New Stash of Yarn Bee Mosiac Twist

I went to Hobby Lobby today during lunch hour to see if there were any deals. Well … I saw that Yarn Bee Mosiac Twist was on sale … original price $6.64 each … sale price … $0.99 each … :passedout:

I bought 20 skeins of Dahlia and 10 skeins of Moody Blue … may have to go back for more Moody Blue …

Original price would have been $209.16 with tax … but I paid $31.19 … savings of $177.97. Yahoo!!:clink:

<--------Totally Envious!!!

But, congrats :slight_smile:

Thanks for this post. I went to my HL and saw the same sale, plus another Wiggly yarn for .99.

I made out with about 20 skeins.

that is some kind of sale!! Wow! (I love to see that bit on the bottom of the recipt where it says “you saved XXX”- I always feel soo smug!!)