Wooden needles, for sale, maybe?

Would there be any interest in some size 10-10.5 needles that I made? They aren’t very fancy, and are just a smidgen under 10.5. The toppers are polymer clay ‘balls’.

They are smooth, and work well. I made them for a class, and had way too many left over. I’m trying to liquadate some stuff for an unexpected move cross country.

Only asking a couple bucks a pair plus shipping. If there is any interest, let me know…


oo me! how much do you want?

What do you say to $4 a pair, and $2 for shipping?

I have PayPal...denisehunley@msn.com


How many pairs are you trying to sell? I would be interested.

I think I have 10 pair, but I’ll go back tonight and double check, OK?

I have 12 pair to sell, folks…only 2 pair spoken for so far!!!

Trying to get them to new homes ASAP.

I will paypal you the money for a pair of the needles. Thanks.

I’m a dork and screwed up my paypal account (don’t ask). can I send you cash or MO?

Denise, you should have a paypal payment from me for one pair. Thanks!!

do you still have some left? I wont be home until 8 tonight but if you do, I would love to order two pairs! I will check when I get home.


Hi Suzie… I still have 7-9 pairs unspoken for and am trying to get rid of them ALL asap!

PP is denisehunley@msn.com $12 flat for 2 pairs & shipping.

I just got back from ski weekend with boys…let me check out bank balance tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone!!!

Did ya miss me?

Those of you who bought needles, thanks so much from your patience. I’m going to send them out today.

I had to leave my old state in a VERY quick manner because of court stuff and just got to new state Wednesday night.

Hope to see you guys in chat soon! Not sure how often my new housemate will let me use the computer, but I’ll try to get online as much as I can.



I missed ya!

Ooooh! Are you ON THE LAM??? :shock: VERY exciting! :mrgreen:

/hugs Deni. Welcome back and glad to hear that you made it okay. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and was hoping to hear from you soon.

SO GLAD to hear from you… I was worrying, to be honest. Hopefully we’ll be able to chat soon… and I forgot about the needles!!! So yay, that’s going to be a fun present for me when they get here (take your time!). Hope you like the new digs… where are you now?

Denise, hope everything is ok with you…I had to do the quick exit thing once…with kids…and it can be very nerve wracking! Sending prayers and wishes that all is going well! I still need to do my pay pal thing…will do later today!

I just PM’ed Heldi to see if she had talken to you lately cuz I was worried about you.

Hey Denise! I was wondering where you were off to! Glad to have you back!!! :slight_smile:

All is well, I hope?
You just moved to a new state, huh? That’s a chaotic thing; I hope you’re settling in well!


HI everyone!

Wow, you guys are so sweet. :heart: Had no idea ya all cared so much. I really truly have missed every single one of you. I was without internet at my place that I lived before for a while, and had to use my neighbors computer when I could.

I moved cross-country rather suddenly, and for now that’s all that I can say in public. I can’t say a whole lot now, but let’s just say that my life got turned upside down.

I’m OK now and in a safe place. I really appreciate all of your well wishes, gurls!

See ya on the forum…