Woo swift!

I found someone in Sydney who makes them!!

So I will soon be the proud owner of a hand made wooden table top concertina swift…


Only AUS$45 too!

:mad: <----- ME, JEALOUS!!!

Of what?? LOL

I could always find out how much shipping to the states would be for it… :wink: I’m sure they’d love the business! :wink:

Not to worry…Ill only be jealous for about another month…a swift is TOP on my birthday list!! :happydance:

Well done :smiley:

i have to find out postage to the UK anyway… am thinking of surprising one of my girlfriends with one for Christmas :smiley:

For Kelly:

Swifts on eBay

OH, Ive been checking, Julie! Believe you me! (who made up that phrase? It makes no sense!)

YOU are a GREAT friend, Tia!!

I got my swift!!



Used it too… :smiley:

It’s very practical… not very pretty…

I’m pretty good with wood…

I reckon I could make one of those…