Wondering how to finish hat

Okay so i started my first hat and first circular knitting expierience :cheering:but i know I am not going to be able to do the decrease on the same circular needles…:shrug: so do i switch to do magic loop when i start to decrease or when i can no longer do any more decresing on my circulars…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

You can use ML to finish off your hat or you can switch to dpns.


I use DPNs now, but used magic loop when I first started. Either one works. Check the videos in the advance tab at the top of the forum for instructions.

I am not familiar with magic loop but I have made 4 beanie/hats on circulars and I finished off on dpns.

Oh goodie, I love hats. I’m glad you are trying one. You will not need to switch to anything special as you begin your decreases, but when the number of stitches gets too small to comfortably go around the needle you will need to switch to something. I like dps but have also done hats with 2 circulars, I have never tried the ML yet for anything.

i would use ML. i love that method!