Won (wool over needle), wrn (wool round needle)

I can’t find anywhere on the internet on how to do won or wrn. It’s in a Paton’s baby book and I’m doing the leaf pattern and it asks me to won and also wrn. Can anyone help me out there, if so, please email me personally, at maryrose350@yahoo.com

thank you…

P.S. I’m in a rush to get this baby outfit done so it’s ready for a baby shower sometime in April

It may be like a yarn over, from what country is the pattern? It may mean YO then knit 1, or just YO. But could be something else. Check every part of the pattern book because it is seriously negligent for them to leave it out. It should be somewhere near the back or front cover , but often will be smack in the middle or randomly placed.
Look at every single page for a few seconds, don’t just flip through.

If they have left it out, your most reliable answer is from Paton’s themselves. Make sure it’s the right branch/country website that gives you the number! If you e-mail them, it may be helpful to give the year of printing, or even scan in the whole pattern.

Does the stitch count help you at all?


I know it means wool over needle and wool round needle.

I tried paton’s website and they don’t have an email address. I am in Canada.

I did know how to do these two stitches before but forgot. I have been trying to track the information on the websites but there is nothing there.

Even the paton’s glossary doesn’t show won or wrn and it’s in the baby book.

It’s like a YO, I’m pretty sure. If it’s on a row with decreases and the pattern shows a lacy effect then that’s what you want. One is probably before a knit stitch and the other before a purl stitch.


I’ve got yfwd, yrn, yon (yarn forward, yarn-round-needle, yarn-over-needle) all together in a row in this baby cardigan pattern, thusly:

K3, yfwd, yrn, yon, k2tog, yfwd, yrn, yon, k2tog, k1. (10 sts)

If they are all YOs, does that mean I do 3 yarn-overs? The stitch count indicates I would only increase by 2 stitches over this whole yfwd-yrn-yon sequence. The pattern company has not responded.

Mary838, you might wish to edit your post and remove your email.

No, I think it’s only a double yo - yfd just brings the yarn to the front, yrn wraps it around the needle, then yon would be another yo.

The stitch count works out that way - k3 yo2, k2tog, yo2, k2 tog, k1 and you’ll end up with 10 loops on the needle.

“K3, yfwd, yrn, yon, k2tog, yfwd, yrn, yon, k2tog, k1. (10 sts)”

Thank you!