Women's tights knitting pattern


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :hug:.

It’s a white Christmastime here and freezing cold. This reminded me that I used to have a pattern for women’s tights that got lost few years ago. It was in a knitting magazine.

Well, I’ve been searching the net for another pattern and cannot even find anything close except for leg warmers which I have several pairs of. Thing is, I would like to wear a dress but the bottom part would be missing (cold tushy) while legs would be still warm. So, I am asking if anyone has or knows someone who has or can spread the word that the search is on for women’s tights knitting patterns. Or at least one. If you have one please let me know or direct me to where I can buy or download one or … something… lol :help:


Hi. Guess what I came across just now? Women and Girl’s 1960s Vintage Knitted Tights – Hose – PDF KNITTING PATTERN and at Ravelry too. As I was knitting socks I was thinking of how they used to hand knit socks, stockings, tights, etc. I’d wondered if there were tights patterns out there. I guess so.

Wheee! I KNEW there was something out there and these are perfect! :woot:teehee! Thanks so much Grumpy Grandma!:heart:

Hope you have an awesome New Year!:hug:

Happy New Year! You’re welcome.
If you join www.ravelry.com you can search for more patterns, I was just looking at tights patterns myself. You got me interested in looking if not actually knitting them.

I am on ravelry and couldn’t find any patterns for tights there…

Check this link. There are other things mixed in but there are a few tights patterns. I think some have feet. If you’ve knit socks adding feet shouldn’t be a problem. I hope we get to see what you make. If I make some, I promise that if I post a photo I [I]won’t[/I] be in them. Well, maybe my feet and legs. :teehee:


Thanks for the link! I also asked Bruce Weinstein if he had any and although he doesn’t, he found this pattern at Ravelry… I could NOT find one there. I feel a prize idiot but that’s no biggy… just makes me wonder about my brain cells diminishing. Actually though, now that I look closer it [I]does[/I] begin with numbers instead of the word ‘tights’ so there’s some hope yet. :wink:

I love Bruce’s book: Knits Men Want. It’s awesome. I just finished making the hoodie for my husband and he loves it.

We may start a new wave of knitted tights.:knitting::x::guyknitting: With all the weather going haywire all over the place one never knows when a few pairs of them will come in handy.

I will be sure to post pics when I get them done. First though, I have to get some more yarn. This pattern calls for two strands of sock or one of sport I would guess, but all I have right now is worsted. Gotta go shopping. The one you sent me the link for yesterday, I love but I don’t do Etsy. I used to, until someone there took my identity and used my debit card to buy a bunch of music mp3’s and overcharged my account. It was a horrible mess but they did catch the woman and my account is ok, yet, I still have that ‘no Etsy’ attitude. I was quite sad when I realized I was so close and yet … I can’t bring myself to buy there anymore. One selfish person can really mess things up for others.

Anyway, can’t wait to see your feet and legs…:eyebrow: lol

I was wondering about putting feet in them, too… I’ve started socks a couple of times but never finished them. I just started working with double points and haven’t gotten to love them quite yet. I [I]did[/I] buy some very short circulars just before Christmas but haven’t tried them out yet either.

Soooooo… next Monday I’ll get some yarn. I’m just going to use solid color sport weight myself. [B]All[/B] colors! :happydance:

Socks? I love socks! DPNs? Only if I must. I do socks on magic loop. The last pair I made I used dpns for the very top ribbing on the cuff. I used U.S. sz 000 dpns and the vampires that draw blood would have been jealous of how easy it was for me! LOL I’ll be more careful if I use those skewers in the future.

I’m actually considering cotton worsted and trying a pair of tights, maybe they’d make PJs. I figure if I start at the bottom and work up, then increase as needed I can figure out from reading a pattern how to shape the top part; I have some thoughts that include short rows; maybe stirrups at the feet too. We’ll have to see how bored I get maybe. The thought of wool tights for me is not pleasant. My GD was wanting me to knit her shorts for ballet to keep her hips warm but I’ve not done it yet. There are patterns for shorts, if you started with one of them you could just make the legs a lot longer and work decreases. You could make a ‘seam’ in the back even. I think you’ve helped create a monster here, now I’ll probably have to do a pair just to get them out of my head!

I’m sorry about your etsy experience. That’s pretty crappy. I’ve never bought at etsy but hear enough stories like yours to make me leery of lots of sites.

As for finding patterns at ravelry, some days I think it’s a crap shoot and it will work for anyone but me. :shrug: The same goes for googling;

Any excuse will do for buying new yarn. You actually have a legitimate one. :cheering:

Ok, I gotta get rid of this obsession! Here’s a vintage pattern I found called Leotards | Style No. 137 now I want to forget tights for a while! They lie, that is not a pattern for a leotard.

I tried that once. I watched how on a video and I couldn’t coordinate myself, so I just resigned myself to the skewers. Maybe if I get inspired to learn it again I’ll try the magic loop someday. I bought some teenie tiny circulars for just that purpose but haven’t tried them yet.

I know what you mean. I have about 486 projects in my head. I do have a pattern for shorts… and the tights do have short rows in the back to make it longer for the buns. pj’s would be a great idea. You’re very creative!

I’m sorry about your etsy experience. That’s pretty crappy. I’ve never bought at etsy but hear enough stories like yours to make me leery of lots of sites.

As for finding patterns at ravelry, some days I think it’s a crap shoot and it will work for anyone but me. :shrug: The same goes for googling;

Any excuse will do for buying new yarn. You actually have a legitimate one. :cheering:
You sound like me. The knitting warehouse people know me by name. I bet they wonder if a month goes by without me buying something.

You know what’s funny about that? I remember they called leotards tights and tights leotards in the fifties. I took Ballet back then and that’s how it was… then somebody decided to change it. So I was actually thinking about trying to find them under the word, ‘leotard’ but figured, naw… and here they are! Did you see the materials? “Non-inflammable knitting needles”… makes me wonder (musta been mostly wooden ones back then?)…

Yeah, it really sucked about Etsy because I was there nearly all day nearly every day before, just looking at things. I bought a lot of great stuff and got to know some wonderful sellers. But I take it as a sign that that part of my life is over now. But, I really wanted some of those elf earrings. :pout:

I like the idea of the wool for the tights myself. I know they’ll be scratchy but I’ll just look at it as gratuitous exfoliating. The cold will probably numb my legs so it won’t bother me. I’ll let you know. lol

I’m wondering if you use cotton… I’ve never used it in any gauge but the thin thread type except once. I’m not as experienced as you are, I can see that. You know a lot more about knitting (and googling!) than I do. I found that cotton hurts my hands to knit in worsted weight. It knits up way bigger than other yarns of the same gauge in worsted so I wonder if that’s because it knows it’s going to shrink or what. I don’t really like working with it except for things like tablecloths in really thin string for like size 2 to 4 hook.

I think I’ve created a good monster though. Just think if you get a great pattern for them worked out you can sell it online… for downloads. I am terrible at making my own patterns. I’ve done it just once and it nearly killed me. I’m not the sharpest bulb in the drawer :wink: I mess up enough [I]with[/I] a pattern. Although to my credit I did figure out a mistake in a pattern once… years ago. My brain was more accepting of new things back then.

Can’t wait to see how it goes with you. I ordered some yarn for the tights/leotards so… and hey, thanks for the new pattern. Great job!:thumbsup:

Sweetheart shorts pattern

Here’s the pattern I have for shorts. I haven’t made them yet either and I was planning to last Feb… :whistle:

Maybe this year…

edited to add: Hey! I just got a great idea. This pattern you sent the link to uses worsted and I’ve got gobs of worsted and my dl loves toe socks… if a person could add toes to these or any tights… they’d have something new and unique! Someone like you who seems to know her way around a knitting needle…:eyebrow: :star::angelgrin:

Or would worsted be too thick for between the toes… yep, it would. But for the thinner yarns, maybe?

You’ll have to let me know how your leotard/tight adventure goes. I didn’t know the names for the two got switched but I do recall tights being called leotards…back in the 60s. I doubt I’m more experienced with knitting than you are, really, I’m just not smart enough to know I shouldn’t do something and make a pattern? Not me! I think worsted cotton does knit up a little larger. My DD wanted a cotton sweater so I cotton sweater I knitted. If you want, you can see it here.

:cheering:very nice! I like the color pattern!

Really? That’s not what I was wondering. I was wondering, “Just what kind of material were they knitting with anyway? Some kind of yarn flambe?” Or “Did they knit so fast that the possibility of starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together warrant a caution against using wooden needles?”

And to get technical, “non-inflammable” is a double negative, so we’re back to needles that readily catch on fire here! Shoulda been just [I]inflammable[/I] if they wanted something fire resistant.

:roflhard: i really am laughing this hard. How did humans ever make it to the 21st century? all that work just to have it spontaneously combust. (combust isn’t a word, either… wonder if we’ll make it to the 22nd?:eyes:)

And to get technical, “non-inflammable” is a double negative, so we’re back to needles that readily catch on fire here! Shoulda been just inflammable if they wanted something fire resistant.

Maybe…maybe not. Inflammable actually means the same as inflammable. There’s an interesting [I]Usage note[/I] if you scroll down this page. Typically this would be a double negative but in this case I don’t think it is; proper usage is another matter entirely. If you notice that this vintage pattern is dated 1958, the use of the term is not surprising. Anything to draw attention to a product is fair game in advertising.

starbuck, I looked at the shorts pattern, missed your post earlier, and who knows? I might decide to try it.

Combust isn’t a word?

I personally don’t plan on making to the 22nd century. They can sort it out for themselves. Ah, the exquisite relief of knowing I won’t be responsible. :woohoo:

Somehow the idea of wool tights and leotards and all that made me think of this… or maybe this.

Or, God forbid… this.

well, it wasn’t in my speel chekkre thingamabob… :?? so i just believed it wasn’t… it got all red and highlighted it… nasty thing.

oh wow… the swimsuit would have really embarrassed me, the jumper thing i might could handle, but the poor baby! and they felt so abused they posted it on the web. sad…:stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it never makes you think of those things again. I’m terribly sorry, :roflhard:

Oh that blog is FULL of dysfunctional designs. If you think those were bad, imagine these ever being fashionable!

And since you mentioned shorts