Women's Murder Club?

Does anyone know if this is coming back? The website on ABC isn’t really helpful. I LOVED this show and the books!

I’m pretty sure I heard back in the summer that it was cancelled. I think it was another casualty of the writer’s strike, along with several other good shows that were cancelled because they never really got a chance to get off the ground.

Yep, it was cancelled. Bummer, it was one of the few shows that I liked to watch. Can’t wait for another one of the books to come out, though…


I read the books and loved them. Never saw the show though. Hope there are more books.

I really like the books, but didn’t even know there was a program based on it. Certainly hope they stuck to the plot better than Kathy Reichs did with her own series, which is called ‘Bones’. You’d hardly recognize the characters or the settings.

Bones is based on the character Temperance Brennan, not the books, so it bears little resemblance to Kathy Reich’s books.

Temperance Brennan is the character in the books, but I found this in Wiki:

“The character shares the same name with the protagonist of the American television series, Bones, whose character was not based on Reichs’ books or the Brennan of her books but rather on the author herself.”

They should shout that disclaimer loud and clear, because there are some of us who actually like the character in the books. Having spent far too much of my career working with that type of personality, I find other stuff to read or watch.

I’d just like to know…who wrote the books? I saw the series but didn’t know it was from a book series. Thank for your help!!!

They are written by Kathy Reich. She is also the producer of the TV program “Bones”, where she uses the same name, but in a completely different setting.

I like the character in the books better.

You must be talking about a different “Woman’s Murder Club” than I read. The books I read were published under the writer James Patterson but written by other writers. They were “1st to die”, “2nd Chance”, “3rd degree”, “4th of July”, “5th horseman” & “6th Target”. There is a 7th book due. When my dd gave me the first 4 books to read she told me that her dd, who is a librarian, told her that some writers allow publishers to use their name to sell books by unknown writers. She was not happy about that, thought it was dishonest. There are some of the “other writers” names on the books along with a very large James Patterson name. I didn’t know about this and wouldn’t have read the above named books because I didn’t like the couple books that I had read of Jame Patterson’s.

I saw a interview with James Patterson on “Nightline”. Actually, he co-wrote all the books with another author. The first one he wrote alone.

Thanks cdjack. I looked at my books and the first one had only his name on it. But I really like all the books. I can’t remember the two other books I read by Patterson but they just were not what I like to read so I have always passed his books by. Wish he would write more like these “Woman’s Murder Club” as I really enjoyed reading them.

Cindy, the thread did start out being about “The Womans Murder Club” books by Patterson and the other writer. I apologise, I brought up the Kathy Reichs’ series, hijacking the thread.

I like “TWMC” series because I have friends like that group, although none of us has exciting high profile jobs, with sexy boyfriends, etc.

I like both of these shows. Too bad WMC was cancelled. I like the new show on NBC My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater. I DVR’d it last night and will have to watch it again. Did James Patterson write the books for WMC?

Yes, have you read them? They are great!

No, I haven’t read them. Since I am unemployed with no job in site, I have plenty of time now to knit, read, clean out my house, clean out my storage shed, etc. etc. etc.