Wolf afghan pattern

I need one…or something that will do…chart, anything that I could make a blanket, throw, afghan out of.

Knit or crochet.

Its for a Christmas present.

Thank you in advance,


Here are a few you could adapt. Sometimes a search of free needlepoint patterns will give you charts, as well.

Thanks a MILLION!!! I could just kiss you!!!:muah:

i have been looking for quite a while now!

Im gonna use this one

knit background and purl the pattern.
I would do 2 color but this is for a teenage boy heading to college wanting a “blanky from home”…LOL I want this a durable as possible. He wanted a wolf and this fits the bill PERFECTLY!!

Now…how much yarn and what kind… LOL
I will just do a gauge swatch of some kind of yarn…and keep track of how much yarn i use for a certain block of stitches. If there is a better way of est. this…DO TELL!

Thanks again!!!