Wobbly uneven garter stitch

Today I saw a yarn knit up in a wobbly uneven garter st so it looked wavy and almost lacy. It was lovely! Can anyone tell me how they did it?

Without a picture, it’d be hard to say. Could have used thick and thin yarn, or thin yarn one large needles, or alternating regular yarn with thin yarn on big needles like this or this.

Hi Thanks! No it was one even cotton yarn and knit back and forth , normal garter BUT every few inches the stitches were much larger (looser) then they’d go small again for a few inches making the whole thing sort of wavy. It was just a small 10"X10"
sample of what the yarn looked like knit up.

Making the [B]rows[/B] wavy and they would alternates so the ‘waves’ were uneven too.

Ohhhh, you mean the seafoam stitch pattern. It uses extra wraps around the needle which are dropped on the next row to make it wavey. You can probably find several patterns on ravelry, here’s morepictures.

Try to imagine a dropped stitch-sideways :smiley: It’s 1:00am here, I must got to bed. G’night

Wow good for you! It wasn’t this extreme but that’s it!! Thanks!
Oh YES! Good night now. xo