Woah! affordable, nice yarns...a wool sweater for $20!

I just got an email about this new yarn company, Knit Picks. Their simple, natural fiber yarns look very promising, and their prices are amazing!

I’m planning a few sweaters, so here are the ones I’m looking at…

$1.79 --110yard skein of bright colored Peruvian Highland wool.
My size sweater costs $19.69 to make! This wool sounds like a medium-soft kind of wool. It costs even less if you buy it in simple white. ($15 for a worsted-weight aran sweater!)

$2.29 --123 yard skein of Merino!

My size sweater costs $30 to make. In MERINO! It knits up at a smaller gauge than I like to work, but I’m considering it…

Knitter’s Review has a great review of these yarns that’s worth checking out. This company has lots of nice looking sock yarns, and alpaca, silk, and I think cotton as well. The only thing I’d be warry of is knitting socks out of their 100% merino sock yarn. I’m sure they’d feel luxurious and great, but I think they’d wear through very fast! They also offer sock yarns with nylon, sounds like a safer bet.

Happy shopping!!!


I haven’t gotten my order but I’ve ordered from them too. I ordered “blank” merino wool b/c I want to try dying it.


I placed an order with this company and am very pleased. Everything came quickly and the yarn is lovely. One of the items that I ordered was the little sheep tape measure & it didn’t work. When I called, the woman in customer service was SO nice and had them send out another one to me right away. I didn’t have to send the broken one back or anything. It was nice to be treated with trust and respect. I will be a loyal customer now and singing their praises.

Oooh, they have the sheepie tape measure? I saw that on FaeryCrafty’s blog…might have to get one! :slight_smile:


I like the sheep too…LOL.

I noticed they have one of those yarn winders. I saw one on the Joanne’s website too. Does anyone use this? Does it work? I haven’t even rolled any of my skeins into balls yet! LOL Although…I did try making a center pull ball using the video on here, but I did something wrong…or maybe I had too much yarn at one time…LOL.

I’ll never buy a wool-winder, because I just LOVE winding balls for some reason. It brings back fond childhood memories. :slight_smile:

One video I haven’t shot (and never will!), is how I hold the skein: with my knees, sprawled open to keep the tension! It’s quite unlady-like, but it sure is convenient! LOL. :wink:


Ooh, so Amy can I mail you all my skeins and you can roll 'em into balls for me?

I had a feeling that was coming… LOL

If I didn’t have so much knitting I want to do, I’d say YES! :slight_smile:

I just ordered some yarn from knitpicks too! I can’t wait for it to arrive. I ordered some of the peruvian worsted wool and some of the merino too. I had to stop myself from getting some of the silks. That’ll be next time. Does anyone know about this companies practices? Earth friendly, fare trade and alla that stuff?

and I left drool all over my keyboard - ladies, this may be the incentive I need to start a sock project! Affordable yarn that’s also good QUALITY!

I nearly go into “panic attack” when I calculate the cost of a sweater using yarn recommended by the local-yarn-shop owner. sorry,but I won’t pay $130 for a silk-blend Tank Top only to have it not fit!!! If I’m going to spend that much money on a garment, I will go to Dillards, go straight to the Ralph Lauren collection and try it on first!

Thank the Good Lord for folks like those who started Knit Pick - and for Amy at Knittinghelp.com.


I got my order from Knit Picks already. I bought 3 sk of “blank” wool that I want to try to dye (anyone know a good site with instuctions? Esp with Koolaid or something cheap).

I also bought software called Knitter’s Companion. I have Win XP, and the sw was writtin in 2002, but it doesn’t work on my computer. I’m going to have to write to them.




Carie, here’s a great site for Kool-Aid dying. Be sure to check out their handy color chart!

Here’s another Kool-Aid dying site.

Those prices and yarns look great - but unfortunately, they don’t ship to Europe. :cry:

Oh well. I don’t really need more yarn at the moment (let me repeat that a couple of times to myself: I do not need more yarn, I do not need more yarn, I do not need more yarn…).

And if the time comes when I can’t resist, I might enlist one of my American friends and have it sent to them, so they can ship it to me.

But it’s still pretty frustrating! :roll:

lol Bummble

They don’t ship to Europe? I can’t imagine why?!! I know it costs more to ship, but it seems they could just include that in the price…

Maybe you should email them and suggest it. It seems like a policy they’d consider changing. Really, why turn away business?


They actually have a statement about it on their information page.
Basically, they can’t guarantee the same safety and service, so they’ve decided not to do it.
Which is weird, because Elann.com does ship to Europe, and give you a host of options; ground or air, insured or not insured.

Yes, I might drop them a note some time.

Not now though, because my orders from Elann and Handpaintedyarn have just arrived, there are also 3 skeins of recycled silk from the Hungersite waiting for me at the post office, so for the near future I really have enough yarn! :wink:

Amy – the colorchart for kool-aid dying is unbelieveable. it is funny how stunning the naturally grey yarns turned out because i never considered it even though i swear by dying brown eggs for easter for better tones.

a few years ago i acquired a couple large bags full of undyed wool yarn from here (scroll down, it’s the highland) that has been just sitting. i think i am going to try to dye it all. thanks for posting that colorchart link.

Has anyone tried felting any of their wools yet? I might go to the retail store tomorrow (yes, I live about 20 miles away from their only retail store, nyah nyah! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and would like to buy some yarn for some felted slippers. Thought I’d ask since it seems like I trust your words more than anyone else’s… :wink: