Wl.fwd., k3 at the beginning of row?

Please help, I understand the wl fwd means wool forward, but I don’t know how to do this at the beginning of a row. It is an old baby blanket pattern…please help???:muah:

Hi and welcome!
Here’s a video for a yarn forward at the beginning of a row.

It’ll give you an extra stitch each time. Do the directions for the row account for the extra stitch by decreasing somewhere or is this used as a way of increasing your stitch count?
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?


and thankyou!!

It’s a really old pattern by Sirdar. It’s called Sirdar Sunshine series No. 54. The wl.fwd is to increase the stitch count. As it’s an old pattern I’m not sure of the terminology. This is the first few rows of the pattern,

Cast on 3 sts
1st row: wl.fwd., k.3.
2nd row: wl.fwd., k.4.
3rd row: wl.fwd., k.2, wl.fwd., k.1, wl.fwd., k.2.

wl.fwd = wool forward
w.r.n = woolround needle
w.o.n = wool over needle

Since I have you…lol!!! What is the difference between the stitches above??

Thanks again…

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Oh, ok so that makes sense. The stitch count is increasing.
Your pattern has set up its own definition in some cases.
wl.fwd = wool forward usually means bring the yarn to the front. It cound be part of a slip stitch pattern.
w.r.n = woolround needle is used sometimes for a yarn over before a purl stitch when you have to bring the yarn to the front again.
w.o.n = wool over needle sounds like a straight forward yarn over.

The last two are ways of doing a yarn over (in the US, the term yarn over is used for both) and the first, wl. fwd, depends a bit on what comes next.

I’ve knitted up a square and it looks exactly like the picture!!!:woot:

Thankyou for all your help!!!

:yay: :yay: :yay:

I’m glad you got it. I think these squares will make a nicer blanket than just cast on for the entire width and knit across.

ETA Now you know how to do it, did you know you could make an entire blanket with just one square? This isn’t a suggestion that you should, just something to know and think about. Happy :knitting: .