? with circular knitting for baby blanket

I am a “newbie” at knitting…help please? I am using circular needles for the 1st time…knitting a baby blanket. After casting on, I am using a seed stitch (1 knit, 1 purl). The first row went fine, but when I started the second row, all of a sudden there is no “break” between my first and second row…there is yarn connecting my “last” stitch on the first row & the “first” stitch on the second row…as if I am knitting in a circle. What did I do wrong? Can I correct this without starting all over? thanks! teena53

don’t forget that you need to turn your work at the end of each row jsut as you would when using straight needles

You joined instead of swapping the needles at the end of the row. If you’re knitting flat, you knit just like on straight needles.

Since you mention it’s a blanket, I think you want to knit something flat and only need the circ to hold the large number of sts. You don’t want to knit in a circle (a tube like a sleeve or the top of a sock).

It sounds like you kept going in the same direction after you finished your first row, instead of stopping and turning (switching which needle point was in each hand). You don’t have to start over from scratch, but you will need to go back to the end of your first row, to ‘unjoin’ your knitting.
Since you’re a ‘newbie’, the best way at this point is to just undo each stitch, one at a time. Pick your knitting up like you would to keep knitting, with the yarn hanging behind the work by your right hand. Now swap what you’re holding in each hand so that you turn your work and the yarn is now on your left and at the front. If you pull the yarn, you’ll see the last stitch you made tighten around the left needle. Place your right needle tip into the st below the one on the needle, and slide the stitch off of the left needle. Pull the yarn and you will lose that stitch, but the right needle has the one below so all is well. The yarn is still falling from the left needle, from the st closest to the needle tip. Keep undoing sts until your knitting isn’t joined anymore.

Now treat the needle points like they were individual needles that just happen to be joined by a cable. Switch which ‘needle’ is in each hand every time you finish a row. You’ll know it’s good because the yarn will be hanging off your left needle, from the last stitch of the previous row and you’ll be using it to knit the first stitch of the new row.

Thanks so much for your help! I’ve got alot to learn, but I really do enjoy knitting so far.